365FantasySports.com Introduces Daily Fantasy Basketball Contests for March Madness

March Madness bracket pools have become increasing popular over the years. College basketball fans can now also enjoy daily fantasy basketball contests during the tournament. Played daily for real cash prizes they are sure to attract a following.

Ft. Lauderdale, FL, March 14, 2010 --(PR.com)-- While many college basketball fans will be filling out their brackets in the minutes and hours after the teams and seedings are revealed on Selection Sunday, David Lowitz will be busy creating daily fantasy basketball contests for the opening days of the tournament.

Yes, fantasy sports has made its way into college basketball now and both fans of fantasy sports and college hoops alike should rejoice in its emergence. Lowitz, Co-founder and General Manager of http://365FantasySports.com said, "Bracket pools are great, no doubt. But for true college basketball fans our daily fantasy contests will really bring life to the tournament."

He added, "Fan interest will extend beyond just rooting for a team as fantasy contestants will now also have a vested interest in the performance of individual players as well."

Daily fantasy sports contests are similar to traditional, season-long fantasy leagues in that participants select individual players to form their rosters and that their scores will be based upon the on-court performance of the players on their rosters.

The biggest difference is simply the length of the contest. True to their name, these daily fantasy contests only last a single day. This means contestants get paid their winnings daily rather than having to wait until the end of the season, or in this case, the end of the tournament.

"We live in a microwave society", said Lowitz. "Everything these days is quick, quick, quick. Daily fantasy action provides contestants with immediate gratification."

While bracket pools are enormously popular, there are some drawbacks to them. First, it takes the duration of the tournament (about a month) to determine the winner. Second, if the team that a contestant has chosen to "go all the way" gets defeated early on, that person doesn't have much of a chance to win their pool. Third, bracket pools have a strict entry deadline. Once the tournament begins, it’s too late to participate. Finally, there is a major "luck" factor involved in selecting a winning bracket. Often times the casual fan or even the non-sports fan in the office is the person who emerges victorious.

There are many benefits to daily fantasy contests vs. bracket pools. To begin with, the daily fantasy contests offer a "fresh start" every day. Additionally, contestants are not “shut out” once the tournament begins as there are new contests available to enter on a rolling basis. According to Lowitz, "If you have a bad day today, no worries, there's always tomorrow. Conversely if you win today, you can enter tomorrow’s contests using today's profits." Finally, there is a minimal level of skill involved. While you don't have to be a college basketball junkie to compete or win, it is important to have a good understanding of trends and player match-ups.

The daily fantasy contests offered by http://365FantasySports.com are affordable to enter with contest entry fees starting at just $6. It should also be noted that contestants play against each other in very small groups of 2, 3, 4, or 6 people per contest. Lowitz added, "These are not like the mega contests that can be entered for free and offer a four-, five-, or six-figure payouts. Those are more like lotteries as you are competing against tens or hundreds of thousands of people. With our small sided contests, everyone has a real chance to win."

Fans who enter these contests this March and April should find that bracket pools plus daily fantasy contests equal one very intriguing tournament experience.


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