SINT Technology Strengthens Its Leadership in the Field of Industrial Measurements Thanks to Measurement Uncertainty Analysis Systems

SINT Technology, specialises in research and design of systems aimed at small to medium-sized companies manufacturers of mechanical products.

Arezzo, Italy, March 19, 2010 --( The company has developed its own methodological standard to assess uncertainties and to ensure a high performance standard in carrying out tests and measurements.

Measurement uncertainty is an essential parameter when carrying out laboratory tests. In fact, in metrological terms the quality of the test and measurement procedure is represented by the degree of uncertainty in the results. The uncertainty is usually determined by accuracy (difference between the average value of the measurement results and the real result) and precision (i.e. replicability).

To confirm the company’s acquired competency in this field, SINT Technology has been selected as an accredited Certifying Body for the valuation of measurement uncertainty of power plant installations on a national scale. The company has acquired this competency thanks also to the considerable experience attained in the field of industrial measurements, including measurements of the performance parameters of thermodynamic and power plant installations.

Valuating measurement uncertainty is carried out by starting from the characteristic data of each instrument on the installation, in order to determine the degree of compound uncertainty relative to the entire measurement chain.

Sint Technology
Valentina Dini