Sound Intensity Measurements: SINT Technology Now Specialises in Monitoring Noise Pollution

SINT Technology, is a leading company in the field of stress gauge measurements and now offers its customers a service for monitoring and measuring the level of noise.

Arezzo, Italy, March 19, 2010 --( Noise, either industrial or environmental, is no doubt one of the main parameters that influences the environment in which we live and work. So much so that controlling it, is an essential need for manufacturers of machinery and equipment as well as for the end users. This need is confirmed by the laws in force in all industrialised countries, which require that noise be controlled during the entire manufacturing process of the machine or installation, from the design to its construction in the factory, from the installation to its industrial operation.

Sound intensity measurements are carried out manually, using phonometrical and intensity measuring systems which means using specific equipment to obtain reliable and precise results.

In particular, the intensity measuring system is based on the use of the acoustic intensity parameter, and permits the isolation of the power of a single source, this allows for considerable reduction in cost and in the complexity of the detection process. In both cases the operator has a determining role both during the preliminary measurement stage and in the successive steps of data processing and analysis of the corrective steps that need to be undertaken.

SINT Technology staff includes two experts certified by CICPND at level II Acoustics, and can assist the customer during the entire machine and installation manufacturing process, with a complete package of services. The services comprise the analysis of the design features of the machine and installation, the measurement of the noise emissions into the environment, the design of the measurement systems, their supply, the execution of the measurement, the management of the analysis and finally identifying the necessary actions to be taken.

Sint Technology
Valentina Dini