SINT Technology Offers New Cutting Edge Solutions in Vibration Measurement Field

SINT Technology, specialises in research and design of instruments aimed at small to medium-sized companies manufacturers of mechanical products.

Arezzo, Italy, March 24, 2010 --( The company offers new services to test, diagnose and measure vibrations. These activities are extremely important for a good performance of rotating and alternating machines as well as for non rotating static and dynamic systems equipment.
Thanks to its long standing and consolidated experience, SINT Technology can also supply its customers with global solutions in this field, starting from the preliminary phase of analysing the problem, planning the measurement system, managing and conducting the tests, diagnosing and, finally, indicating any corrective action that might be needed. SINT Technology staff includes two experts certified by CICPND at level II Vibration and produces and develops programmes to collect and analyse vibrations, it also has detection systems accepted worldwide as well as internally developed equipment.
Among all the vibration detecting services offered by the company, those concerning the measurement of torque vibrations are particularly relevant. These are angular fluctuations which overlap the normal rotational movement of instruments or machines furnished with transmission shafts. Their measurement is especially useful to identify possible malfunction, as well as to avoid damage to machines, to production, or, in the more serious cases, to persons.

Sint Technology
Valentina Dini