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Anderson & Anderson, APC

Wall Street Journal Anger Management Article Pushes Anderson & Anderson Over the Top

The Wall Street Journal recently published an article that profiles the Executive Director of Anderson & Anderson, the Trusted Name in Anger Management.

Los Angeles, CA, March 15, 2010 --( On March 10, 2010 The Wall Street Journal Published it’s most comprehensive article ever on the emerging field of Anger Management and Executive Coaching for Physicians, celebrities and other high profile clients. The article is entitled "When Does Anger Become an Illness?," and can be found in the "Health Journal" section of the Wall Street Journal and its web site. After the On-line version of the article was released on the evening of March 9, 2010, Anderson & Anderson was immediately flooded with e-mails and phone calls requesting coaching for "disruptive physicians" and civility training for attorneys and coaching for executives in general. In just three days, requests for anger management training from hospitals and corporations have exploded nationwide. Requests for Licensing Agreements have come from Psychiatrists, Psychologists and Executive Coaches from as far away as Manchester, England.

This article in the Wall Street Journal gives George Anderson and his firm, Anderson & Anderson, the credit that he and his firm have earned as the major provider of anger management classes and coaching for physicians and high profile clients, including Hollywood celebrities, from all over the nation. Mr. Anderson and his staff tirelessly teach skills in enhancing assertive Communication, managing Anger and Stress, and increasing Emotional Intelligence (Empathy). The anger management classes are offered at the Anderson & Anderson headquarters in Brentwood (West Los Angeles) and the South Bay (Lawndale, California). The Coaching Sessions are offered on site anywhere in the nation. Physicians from major hospital chains and private practices have routinely inquired about this program due in part to its popularity and the fact that other programs have long waiting periods. Anderson & Anderson is willing and able to meet the demand that has increased due, in part, to this article in the Wall Street Journal.

George Anderson and his team encourage everyone who wants to learn more about anger management and the different programs at Anderson & Anderson to call 310-207-3591 or visit the Anderson & Anderson company web site. Anderson & Anderson is proud to be the leader in providing quality anger management intervention and training programs.

Nancy Anderson, MSW, BCD, MA
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Anderson & Anderson, A.P.C.
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