New Responsibilities for ACC Label’s Account Managers

Montreal, Canada, March 17, 2010 --( As part of its strategic growth plan, ACC Label has assigned new responsibilities to its Account Managers. Specialized in food labelling (regulatory compliance, nutrition and translation), each of ACC Label’s Account Managers has been handling their own client accounts and sharing common responsibilities. Now, they will continue their labelling services as before, but will take on responsibilities specific to them personally. The objective is to offer new services while maintaining the high quality service to which their clients are accustomed.

Technical Communications - Jonathan Fontaine is a professional nutritionist who has worked in obesity research and food marketing before joining ACC Label’s team. With his strong communications skills, in both English and French, he is the designated person for ACC Label’s Technical Communications. His role will enable ACC Label to deliver comprehensive articles to trade magazines and journals, offer training sessions and present conferences on various food labelling topics.

Quality Control - Manuela Benetti, a Food Scientist, is taking over the Quality Control of the projects entrusted to ACC Label. Prior to joining ACC Label in 2004, Manuela worked as a food labelling inspector for Industry Canada (before the Canadian Food Inspection Agency was created). She also worked for Provigo Distribution Inc. as a Quality Assurance Counsellor where she was responsible, among other things, for the regulatory compliance of food labels.

Asian Market Development - Lily Pan, raised in Taiwan before coming to Canada where she studied Nutrition at McGill University, will take over the Asian Market Development. Lily who speaks English, French, Cantonese and Mandarin is an active member of the Canadian Chinese community. Her new functions at ACC Label will be to develop the Asian Market by presenting the firm’s services to Asian food companies who wish to sell their products in Canada. Her cultural and academic background combined with her labelling expertise will help her efficiently communicate in a legal manner the characteristics of Asian food products and their benefits to Canadian consumers.

Canadian and foreign manufacturers want to promote their products’ added values. At the same time, Canadian consumers demand labelling that is informative though not overbearing; and government agencies are there to ensure that the labelling is clear, accurate and not misleading. ACC Label’s team of expert advisors in food labelling and nutrition advise their clients on how to prepare labels that meet the needs of the food manufacturers and retailers, that are meaningful to the consumers and which comply to the numerous regulatory requirements.

About ACC Label:
ACC Label offers its international clientele an all-inclusive Canadian food labelling service. Our expertise in nutrition, food labelling regulations, and linguistics (text editing and translation) provides peace of mind to anyone concerned with accuracy, compliance and overall quality of their food labels. Helping our clients legally capitalize on their food product qualities has been our mission since 1990. For more information, visit

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Carole Fournier