Innovative Change Management Toolkit Launched

RIVERFORK Consulting launches innovative change management toolkit that puts design at the center stage of leading change.

Fort Collins, CO, March 16, 2010 --( RIVERFORK Consulting has released an innovative change management toolkit focused on enabling people at all levels of an organization to lead change and make ideas happen.

"This book is about putting design at the center stage of change management. It’s about looking at change management in an innovative way," says president and CEO, Melissa Dutmers.

"I share the insights and methods of uber-productive creative leaders and teams – companies like IDEO and Procter&Gamble, and individuals like bestselling author Seth Godin, Neuroleadership Institute founder David Rock, Harvard Business professor and author Rosabeth Moss Kanter, Rotman School of Management dean and author Roger Martin, visionary and world-leading innovator Bruce Mau, and IDEO CEO Tim Brown, among others."

"This product was inspired by a belief that we can design change, design ideas, that people understand, talk about, willingly adopt, and even celebrate. Get the change right, get the design right, and people will follow. This book doesn’t require you to stop using conventional change management practices, though it challenges you to rethink how you go about it."

When asked why she wrote this toolkit, Melissa noted,

"I wrote this toolkit because I fundamentally believe you can’t templatize and survey your way through change. I want to teach you how to use your left brain and right brain to think about change and design change in a way that inspires, connects, and addresses human behavior rather than have you fill out assessments and templates."

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Melissa Dutmers