Skin Care Enemies Part 2: How to Protect Yourself From Purchasing Illegal Skincare Products.

Skincare News Magazine highlights the growing problem of buying illegally distributed skin care items.

Sacramento, CA, November 08, 2006 --( Skin care items should be good quality and highly recommended, but that can sometimes mean paying a hefty price for these skincare goods at your local salon or day spa.’s latest article, “Illegal Hair and Skin Care Products: Don't be a Victim” gives readers a look into the world of illegally distributed hair and skin care products.

If you’ve never heard of the term “illegally diverted products” the article provides readers with a good definition: 

It may sound crazy but the process of illegally diverting products happens everyday. According to, illegally diverted products aren't authorized by the manufacturer to be sold at any other locations except for at a professional salon or day spa. So before you think you've struck gold, it's wise to avoid such products. 

If you think that buying affordable versions of these products at your local drugstore doesn’t sound like a bad idea, what the article exposes may change your mind.

What could the harm be in buying a hair or skincare product that you love at an affordable price? Plenty. Because these types of skin care and hair care products are being sold illegally, there may be plenty wrong with the product itself. Illegally diverted hair and skincare items may be products that have been discontinued by the manufacturer or completely counterfeit. Other illegally diverted hair and skincare products may have been tampered with, are expired or may even contain bacteria, which have been the results found by independent research studies on the topic. Definitely not worth your money, no matter how much of a deal it may seem.

Fortunately, there are newer methods that are being put into place in an effort to control this situation: 

There are steps being taken by hair and skin care manufacturers to discourage further illegal diverted products. Some manufacturers take the barcodes off of their products, which can deter major retailers from wanting to stock their products. The need for complicated tracking systems is starting to be eliminated, as many hair and skincare manufacturers are opting for confidential shareholder agreements, which takes out the middleman and any risk of the products being tampered with. Another popular option now being utilized involves professional salons and spas purchasing their skin care and hair care products from the manufacturers directly. 

According to skin care expert, Kyle Stephens, finding a salon or day spa distributed product at a drugstore is a trap that mainly women should be aware of. “It’s hard to always buy expensive hair and skin care products from the salon but buying illegally diverted products can not only harm the individual using the product, but also harms the business that salons and day spas make a living off it. It’s always best to trust a professional who sells professional products.” covers all skincare and beauty topics from head to toe. Check out these latest articles that also mention ethnicity and skincare:

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