Le Chef Mobile Offers New Frapas Menu or French Tapas Menu in Greater Boston Area

Chef Pierre Jenatton of Le Chef Mobile has created a new menu, Frapas, or French Tapas, using local high quality ingredients served on small plates. After visiting Ottawa and Quebec recently, he was inspired to create this menu. Pricing is affordable, at $10/plate/person, however, using high quality ingredients and Jenatton's unique French flair.

Boston, MA, March 21, 2010 --(PR.com)-- Le Chef Mobile is focusing on the national trend of Tapas-style, i. e. “small plates” to offer its clientele, but with a French twist. According to Chef Pierre Jenatton, owner of Le Chef Mobile, “I was recently in Ottawa & Quebec, where small plates using local ingredients were on just about every restaurant menu. I loved the concept, so want to include this type of menu for my clients. Plus, I love to play with food, so with smaller portions and people expecting more variety, I get to be more creative.”

Why Frapas as opposed to Tapas? Jenatton thinks that some of the Spanish tapas is very ordinary, like omelettes and marinated mushrooms. He wants to kick it up a notch, by finding locally produced, very fresh ingredients and then creating unique combinations on small plates. For example, jumbo sea scallops will come from Gloucester, apples from Harvard and lamb from Western Massachusetts.

The other unique feature of Frapas is its affordability. Jenatton chose standardized pricing so that people could simply multiply the number of plates clients want by $10 and then by the number of people. Easy to price and easy to afford. A more exclusive menu with caviar and foie gras is also available, for $15-25.

Jenatton isn’t alone in his concept of small plates. According to the Smithsonian blog, “small plates made for sharing became popular in the past 10 years. The concept has been around in other cultures for centuries—tapas in Spain, dim sum in China, mezze in Greece and sakana in Japan. This trend has been popular with diners as well as restaurateurs, who can earn a hefty profit from serving multiple smaller courses.”

Tapa, the Spanish word for snack, is meant to be just that, an appetizer to be accompanied with a glass of wine. According to Spanish legend, King Alfonso the Wise was suffering from what could be considered acid reflux, and was advised to eat smaller portions but more often. This was contrary to the popular tradition of very large heavy meals. This Tapa meal also appealed to farmers, who could just eat a light meal, and continue working during daylight hours. More recently, in North America, Tapas has become a meal in and of itself, appealing especially now because of the smaller portions and affordable cost.

Chef Jenatton is the owner a personal chef service called Le Chef Mobile. Starting in Boulder, Colorado in 1985, and relocating to Boston in 1992, Jenatton first created his service preparing dinners for clients using their facilities, then serving the food and cleaning up afterwards. Having worked in Paris, Boulder, Dallas, San Francisco, Carmel and now Boston, Jenatton has over 35 years experience as a chef in France and the US.

Le Chef Mobile has been featured on NBC in Denver, Colorado as well as the Boston Globe and Community Newspapers. Jenatton has taught at the Boston and Cambridge Centers for Adult Education, Dover-Sherborn Community Education, Wellesley Continuing Education and the French Library. He has been featured in the Boston Magazine and on the New England Food Network as well as The Phantom Gourmet and Fox 25 News.

For additional information on Le Chef Mobile’s new Frapas Menu contact Jeanine Buckley at info@chefmobile.com or view company website at http://www.chefmobile.com.

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