Spring Guide to Family Fun

Looking for wholesome family fun ideas? The Glimmer Glen Elves have some creative ideas for you and your children or grandchildren. Whimsmoore, toys, gifts, books and playhouses for kids, has A Family Guide To Seasonal Fun: Spring Chapter, a complimentary ebook, waiting for you at http://www.whimsmoore.com/Seasons_Ebook.html.

Vancouver, WA, March 24, 2010 --(PR.com)-- A Family Guide To Seasonal Fun: Spring Chapter; A Complimentary Ebook

Parenting experts often highlight the importance of parents and grandparents spending quality time with their young children and grandchildren. "It's all about playing with your child," says Eric Knudsen, PhD, Professor in the Stanford University School of Medicine. A major factor that creates optimal cognitive development in a child is the sum of positive experiences the child has with nurturing adults, he explains. * But how, you might ask, does one pry the kids away from video games and come up activities that the generations can enjoy together?

Linda Moore Kurth, grandparent, children’s book author, creator of the Elf Toy of the Month, and owner of Whimsmoore.com, a kids’ toy store, has recently published a free ebook that helps solve this dilemma. Ms. Kurth, otherwise known as Aunt Linda to her young fans, had assistance from her friends, the Glimmer Glen Elves, who often visit her Elfery™ playhouse under the stairs.

The Glimmer Glen Elves’ Family Guide to Celebrating the Seasons is full of fun ideas for families to celebrate together. It’s divided into four seasonal chapters, with each chapter being available for the appropriate time of year. Beginning with a glimpse into the lives of the elves, each chapter contains poems, a recipe, original graphics, and suggested reading and activities for human families with children ages three through eleven.

“This project is dear to my heart and I do hope folks take advantage of the resources I’m offering in the book,” stated Ms. Kurth. She explained that the Summer Chapter will be available in late May of this year. Whimsmoore.com also offers a second complimentary Ebook, Creating an Elfery™: A Playhouse for Kids and the Young-at-Heart.

To learn more about The Glimmer Glen Elves’ Family Guide to Celebrating the Seasons and to download a complimentary copy of the Spring Chapter, one can go to the Whimsmoore web site at http://www.whimsmoore.com/Seasons_Ebook.html .


*Economic, neurobiological, and behavioral perspectives on building America’s future workforce by Eric I. Knudsen, James J. Heckman, Judy L. Cameron, and Jack P. Shonkoff
6/26/06 News Release from Stanford University Medical School

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