Mindgrub Technologies Speaking at NABShow 2010

President Todd Marks and Vice President of Operations Vince Buscemi to speak on various Web 2.0 and Web 3.0 topics.

Baltimore, MD, March 25, 2010 --(PR.com)-- Mindgrub President Todd Marks and Vice President of Operations Vince Buscemi will be speaking once again at the National Association of Broadcasters Conference also know as the NABShow on April 12-14, 2010 in Las Vegas, Nevada. This will be the third consecutive year Mindgrub will be speaking at the NABShow. NAB is the voice for the nation’s radio and television broadcasters. They focus on the important and unique ways stations can serve their communities.

Throughout this conference Mindgrub will be speaking on a variety of topics using both hands-on and interactive demonstrations. The sessions will discuss the following topics:

- Creating a Facebook app - [4/12/10 2:00-3:15]
Learn how to create an application for Facebook in this introductory session. Create your first application, integrate with Facebook's API and publish it to your Facebook page.

- Using Google Wave and Buzz - [4/12/10 3:30-4:45]
Learn how to utilize combined communication platforms such as Google Wave and Cisco to bring your email, wikis, blog comments, multi-media and chat into one location. Also learn about the newest addition to Gmail, Google Buzz. Learn to streamline corporate and project communication and what all the Buzz, Hype and Distain are about.

- Emerging Web 3.0 Technologies You Need To Know - [4/13/10 5:00-6:15]
This annual session is back with a refreshed look at the latest and greatest web 3.0 technologies. Learn about social media from discussion boards to micro-blogging and the hottest trends and applications in social media and location based services.

- Adobe Flash and Device Central - [4/14/10 2:00-3:15]
Learn how to make mobile Flash applications utilizing Adobe's device central. Learn how to research device settings and which version of the Flash platform that device will work with. Learn to use templates and publish mobile flash content using Flash CS4.

- 3 Ingredients to Make Your Video Go Viral - [4/14/10 3:30-4:45]
Ever wonder what it takes to make your video get 10,000, 100,000, 1 million views online? In this session they will analyze the key ingredients to making a video reach a large online audience. They will discuss how to produce, package and distribute video for online mass appeal and how to leverage the social cloud for marketing and business use.

- Flash for Blackberry, iPhone and Android - [4/14/10 5:00-6:15]
iPhone has long shunned having the flash player on their phones. Some companies have made emulators but the apps are getting rejected from the store. Blackberry and Android however are embracing the use of the Flash Platform and you should too. Come find out how to make Flash CS4 applications for Blackberry and Android.

Mindgrub Technologies is a web development and design company that creates and supports content-rich websites, web based training and rich internet applications. Mindgrub provides mobile development, social media integration and the implementation of web 2.0 & 3.0 technologies to obtain instant information travel. In addition, Mindgrub has developed some of the most cutting edge Mobile applications for iPhone, Blackberry, Google Android, Palm Pre and Symbian.

Todd Marks is the CEO and President of Mindgrub Technologies (www.mindgrub.com), a Flash, Social Media and Mobile Applications Consultancy, and viaPlace (www.viaplace.com), a white-label Location Based Services and Augmented Reality Framework. Marks is an information architect and user experience specialist, focusing on the design and development of cutting edge information systems. He founded Mindgrub in 2002 to focus on the creation of web applications that enable instant information travel and has developed enterprise systems for a wide range of clients such as Adobe, Motorola, ORACLE, A&E, Universal Records and Discovery Communications; Federal Agencies such as the FBI, NSA, VOA and the US Navy and several education organizations such as MSDE, Wrox Press and O’Reilly Media.

Vince Buscemi is the VP of Operations, Mobile and a Project Manager for Mindgrub Technologies (www.mindgrub.com), a Flash, Social Media and Mobile Applications Consultancy, and viaPlace (www.viaplace.com), a white-label Location Based Services and Augmented Reality Framework. Buscemi has been spearheading mobile application development for several years bringing a multitude of applications to market including iPhone apps for Baltimore’s Blue Sky Factory, 600 Block, and the University of Maryland (UMBC). Most recently Buscemi lead the effort to implement viaPlace’s Location Based Services (LBS) for California’s Sonoma County and is currently working on mobile applications for China and Iran through the Voice of America (VOA).


About Mindgrub Technologies, LLC
Mindgrub Technologies is a consulting agency focused on web and mobile knowledge distribution, social networking site technology, reporting and analysis. The company has extensive experience developing cutting-edge information display systems such as Rich Internet Applications, Geographic Information Systems, and Mobile Applications. Mindgrub fuses together products and services to build the best creative and engaging experiences to distribute knowledge and information to your users.

About the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) Conference:
Ranging from broadcasting to broader-casting, for the last eight decades the NAB show has continued to lead this ever-changing industry. The NAB Show attempts to convey effective techniques and tools which allow businesses to produce and deliver valuable content to consumers. “From conception through distribution, the NAB Show proudly serves as the incubator for excellence – helping to breathe life into content everywhere.”
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