Local Car Wash Offers Environmentally Friendly Fundraiser Options

Lake Forest based car wash seeks to educate Orange County schools and charities about the environmental risks of traditional car wash fundraisers and safe alternatives.

Lake Forest, CA, March 25, 2010 --(PR.com)-- As schools and non-profit groups seek fundraising ideas to help raise much needed funds in a slow economy, Lake Forest based car wash, Bake Hand Car Wash, has stepped up their effort to educate the community about the environmental pitfalls of traditional car wash fundraisers.

It is common belief that water pollution in urban areas primarily comes from big factories or sewage treatment plants. What the average person does not realize is that the largest source of water pollution comes from contaminated urban runoff from neighborhoods, city streets, and parking lots. The simple act of watering lawns or washing cars contribute to driving urban pollutants into storm drains. Because they are separate from sanitary sewer systems, the storm drains send untreated water directly into our waterways.

For decades, schools and non-profit organizations have held car wash fundraisers, typically in the parking lot of a church or school, or a vacant lot on a busy street. Runoff from car wash fundraisers can have a negative impact on rivers, lakes, oceans and our drinking water. Various organizations have tried to educate the public about the impact of polluted runoff, with some cities issuing guidelines for car wash fundraisers.

Since 2006, Bake Car Wash has offered a “Fun” Raiser Car Wash Program to offset these environmental hazards, while offering organizations the opportunity to raise their much-needed funds. Instead of hosting a car wash in a vacant lot, Bake offers its establishment and professional staff to host the car wash. While staff handles the driving, prep and hand mitting while on the conveyor, organization volunteers perform the vacuuming and finish the drying and cleaning.

“Instead of oil, dirt, detergents, petroleum, and other harmful contaminants flowing directly into the storm drain and into the nearest body of water, our facility filters the waste water prior to piping it into the sewage system.” comments Ron Jones, owner of Bake Hand Car Wash. He continues to say, “We want our community to have access to quality fundraising options while conserving water and minimizing the impact on the environment.”

By offering programs such as the “Fun” Raiser Car Wash, Bake Hand Car Wash hopes to become a local Orange County resource for organizations seeking to raise funds while being friendly on the environment. "Bake Hand Car Wash was great to work with. It was as close to turnkey as you can get. We made almost $2300 for our program, not bad for 3 hours of hard work. We plan on using Bake again next year and would definitely recommend them to other organizations." offers Tom DeLuise, Parent Volunteer for El Toro Cheer and Song.

About Bake Hand Car Wash
Bake Hand Car Wash utilizes the tried and true method of washing your car, nothing but gentle, 100% hand car washing. Bake uses state of the art computer systems, water recycling systems and the most quality, eco-friendly products we can find. Our state of the art facility offers a variety of washing and vehicle care services from a simple 5-minute exterior hand wash to a complete vehicle appearance restoration service. For more about our services and details about our “Fun” Raiser program, visit www.BakeCarWash.com.

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