Skymeter Wins Main Prize in Coveted Intertraffic Innovation Awards

Skymeter Corporation honored with Intertraffic Innovation Award in ITS/Traffic Management as well as over-all show award.

Toronto, Canada, March 25, 2010 --( At Intertraffic Amsterdam’s 20th annual event, Canada’s Skymeter Corporation, was one of six companies honored by the jury of the Intertraffic Innovation Awards with the traffic industry’s most sought-after prizes. Awards were presented in six separate categories: ITS/Traffic Management, Parking, Safety, Environment, Cooperative Systems, and Infrastructure.

The winner in the ‘ITS/Traffic Management’ category, Skymeter Corporation, was also recognised as the ‘Overall Winner’ for its Skymeter GPS-based financial-grade road use meter, designed for a variety of applications from road user charging and pay-as-you-drive insurance to parking.

“This validates Skymeter as the leading innovator in the Financial-grade GPS revolution that will transform the driver's payment experience in the era of the connected car. Convenience and privacy will be unparalleled as we move away from cumbersome, legacy DSRC systems,” says Kamal Hassan, Skymeter’s CEO.

David Hill, Chief Operating Officer of Winnipeg Parking Authority and Skymeter’s first customer for parking said: "This is terrific recognition for a small company with a bold vision. In 2004, these people set out to re-think the entire vehicle management process we employ worldwide, and they have accomplished that. In the future we will do this differently because of Skymeter and I am pleased to be a small part of that.”

Preet Khalsa, Skymeter’s CTO explains: "Adding intelligent software that positions vehicles accurately in challenging urban environments has been the key to a wide spectrum of applications. It was a little harder than we thought, but the results speak for themselves."

“What will be the real key to our success is our business model,” points out JD Hassan, Skymeter’s VP Business development. “Because we isolate all metering issues into a single process we already enable over 20 different applications, but most importantly we let telcos become toll payment operators simply by virtue of our ISO 17575 standard data feed. The payment operator no longer needs to build infrastructure or manufacture transponders or tags.”


Skymeter Corporation is a Toronto, Canada-based data services operator that enables location-based payments using financial-grade GPS telematics. Its billing-delivery services include Time, Distance and Place (TDP) metering for road use, parking and PAYD insurance. These services incorporate methodologies for both privacy and anonymity to ensure motorists enjoy complete privacy while traveling and absolute confidentiality of their trips. This is equivalent to an anonymous, in-car cell-phone that automatically pays for all these services based on accurately metered usage. Skymeter enables every form of road-use charging from congestion management for small metropolitan areas such as London (UK), and Stockholm's cordon charges, through intercity tolling systems such as E-ZPass does now up to weighted metering for every mile for every vehicle in a state, province or country in order to replace fuel taxes and manage demand.

Skymeter has commenced an R+D contract in the EU with impacts for Galileo and GPS integration for road pricing as well as other contracts managing park-it-and-forget-it technology using their telematics unit as a privacy-assured, in-car parking meter.
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