Arne Wellness Center of Minnetonka, MN Introduces the Transitions Program for Fast, Effective Weight Loss

The Arne Wellness Center of Minnetonka, Minnesota will be conducting a series of weight management classes this spring to help people lose unwanted fat, improve diet and health habits, and get in shape for summer.

Minneapolis, MN, March 26, 2010 --( The Arne Wellness Center will be conducting a series of weight management classes beginning in the spring of 2010. The classes are part of a clinically studied program called the Transitions Lifestyle System, which is based on the glycemic index.

“Excess weight puts enormous strain on the joints, and contributes to long term health problems,” said Bessie Lahoz-Arne, who founded the clinic with her husband, Dr. Steve Arne. "At the Arne Wellness Center, we take a holistic approach to health. In addition to chiropractic and spa services, we have several resources for helping people to achieve their weight loss goals. The Transitions Lifestyle System is the newest addition, and we are incredibly excited about this effective program.”

The Transitions Lifestyle System focuses on body composition, and provides a total approach to weight management, including coaching, support, diet and exercise guidance, stress reduction techniques, supplementation, and journaling. In a clinical study participants lost an average of 4% body fat in the 12-week program.

Free Transitions informational sessions will be offered on the evenings of March 22nd and 31st, April 14th and 19th, and May 12th and 17th, 2010 from 6 to 7 pm. Call 952-697-3100 to reserve a space and learn more about this life transforming lifestyle system.

“This program is very affordable,” Dr. Steve said. “People spend so much money on diet programs, and never achieve lasting results. Transitions is different. This is the last program people will ever need, because it is a complete lifestyle approach, and the habits we will teach are very manageable, and are sustainable for a lifetime. Our Transitions classes will be small, close-knit groups that encourage mutual support. ”

The Arne Wellness Center is a premiere chiropractic spa offering state of the art chiropractic and holistic noninvasive spa services to restore health and wellness from the inside out. Visit to learn more.

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Maggie Theisen