Wockhardt Foundation's Mobile Medical Unit Achieves 50,000 Free Consultations, Screenings, and Treatment of Poor Patients in the First 3 Months of 2010

Wockhardt Foundation a secular not – for – profit organization completed 50,000 medical check ups along with the distribution of free medicines through its 2 Mobile Medical Unit programmes in the first 3 months of 2010. Wockhardt Foundation has already achieved half of last year’s achievement.

Mumbai, India, March 27, 2010 --(PR.com)-- Wockhardt Foundation runs 2 Mobile Medical Unit Programmes: Right to Vision & Mobile Health Reach.

Under the "Right To Vision" programme, the free mobile eye clinics take eye screening to the doorstep & thus play a critical role in preventing blindness. At present, Wockhardt Foundation operates 4 free mobile eye clinics at different locations across India.

Under the "Mobile Health Reach" programme free medical check ups, consultations & medicines are given to poor patients. At present, Wockhardt Foundation operates 79 vans with associated partners across India.

Huzaifa Khorakiwala, C.E.O – Wockhardt Foundation said, "Our Mobile Medical Units cater to poor patients in the slum areas, rural areas & other poor localities. In service to the poor, we realize the mission of our foundation & help in creating a more comfortable, peaceful, & happier world. Wockhardt Foundation works through a movement of "Warriors." These "Warriors" have a high level of dedication & commitment to the causes of the foundation. At present, Wockhardt Foundation has 4500 "Warriors".

"Wockhardt Foundation is a movement of Social Awakening, Social Development & Human Values", quoted Mr. Huzaifa Khorakiwala, C.E.O, Wockhardt Foundation. He has written many books for the spread of his message & propagation of the movement. For more information, please log on to hkbooks.org

Wockhardt Foundation propagates 7 core Human Values.

Gratitude Day – Monday
Forgiveness Day – Tuesday
Love Day – Wednesday
Humility Day – Thursday
Giving Day – Friday
Patience Day – Saturday
Truth Day – Sunday

Wockhardt Foundation has 10 very important programmes

Right To Vision
Mobile Health Reach
Little Hearts
Smile Please
Deworm India
Khel – Khel Main
Free Consultations
Human Values

Wockhardt Foundation is governed by the following philosophies which give it "Moral" & "Spiritual" guidance.

Service to man is service to God
We make a living by what we get, we make a life by what we give.
A candle loses nothing when it is used to light another candle.
Where another smile counts
Wish for others what you wish for yourself.
The poor don’t need pity, they need help.
Mankind is one family dependant on God, and the most beloved to God is the one most beneficial to it.
Poverty somewhere is a threat to prosperity elsewhere.
When you help others, you help yourself the most, because God grants you peace and happiness.
A life worth giving is a life worth living.

What you give in charities, comes back to you multiplied many times over.

Mr. Huzaifa Khorakiwala says, "Wockhardt Foundation has a will to serve, a fighting spirit & the ability to effect a change & make a big difference. Come and join the Wockhardt Foundation movement & spread light to the world."

For further information kindly visit our website, wockhardtfoundation.org

Wockhardt Foundation
Sunali Y Kothari