Red Cedar Technology’s Design Process Selected for CDC and Gates Foundation Project

HEEDS optimization software used to design new generation of vaccine carriers to help eradicate disease.

East Lansing, MI, March 31, 2010 --( Atlanta-based firm, SEEDR L3C, recently received funding from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to improve reverse cold-chain vaccine transport containers. SEEDR and its partners at the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have selected Red Cedar Technology’s design process and optimization software to reengineer the potentially life-saving containers.

“The Red Cedar Technology team and the HEEDS® platform enable us to organize and process exceptional complexity, and rapidly explore simulation data that will expand our possibilities and drive our decision making,” explained SEEDR managing director, Michael Moreland.

Reverse cold-chain containers are used by countries and aid organizations to ensure that vaccines are maintained at the required temperature while they are transported to remote locations for immunization campaigns. The primary goal of this project is to redesign and custom engineer the reverse cold-chain containers to improve their performance, affordability, and environmental footprint.

Dr. Brent Burkholder, Director of the CDC Global Immunization Division, said he hopes the project can “protect the significant investment in costly vaccines, and, more importantly, to ensure the safety of those receiving immunizations.”

The new containers have the potential to strengthen immunization and disease surveillance programs by reducing vaccine and specimen loss. In addition, these lighter and less-expensive containers offer substantial cost-savings potential. With approximately 135 million children born in 2009, global immunization efforts cost billions of dollars. The CDC Global Immunization Division alone will spend $170 million on such efforts this year.

“From polio to measles to the H1N1 virus, this technology has the potential to enhance efforts to locate and eradicate the world’s most-threatening diseases,” said Moreland.

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