Launch of Medical Virtual Assistants – Implementing the New Working Model and Delivering Value

A new Virtual Assistant Company specializing in the medical industry.

Edmonton, Canada, April 01, 2010 --( In a conventional business working model, employees must commute to an office, work during set hours, use office equipment, computers, utilities, supplies, etc. which can be expensive. This increases the total cost of providing goods and services. Now, with the new virtual working model - one can work from their home when it is convenient or during a set schedule. Thus, reducing overhead and decreasing the cost of service. And when the employee is working from another part of the world (in another time zone), then productivity can easily be doubled. This changing work model is expected to have a long lasting impact on business, individuals and society in general.

Today marks the launch of a new Canadian company - Medical Virtual Assistants (MVA). MVA ( is breaking new ground by providing virtual assistant (VA) services specifically to medical professionals and organizations. VAs can provide the same type of administrative support that can be performed by an on-site personal assistant but without the overhead of a regular employee. As a company, MVA offers a broad spectrum of business services that include audio transcription (medical and general), data analysis, data mining, travel arrangements, data entry, research (medical and general) as well as custom services. MVA is also able to offer partner services such as medical concierge services and pre-paid legal plans. Medical transcription is one of their core competencies. Their VA’s have extensive experience in their respective fields and strive to deliver quality and timely work to meet customer expectations.

The MVA management team definitely believes in the adage - “Practice what you preach”. The owners (a group of Medical Professionals) work from Alberta, Canada; the office manager is in Southeastern Wisconsin (United States); the business advisor is located Memphis, TN (United States); Search Engine Optimization consultant works from Nashville, TN (United States); and the website developer is working all the way from India. Other back office support comes from India as well. Currently, the company has recruited VAs from the United States, Canada, Philippines, Dubai (United Arab Emirates), The United Kingdom, Pakistan, Nepal and India. Through their support, MVA plans to implement this new working model successfully, optimize task workflows and processes and deliver great value to Canadian medical corporations and professionals.

Contact Information:
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Medical Virtual Assistants
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