"Plastic Surgery Addict Opens Up" by Fox News Showcases the Author of Chasing Beauty Book, a Cosmetic-Surgery-Addict Caveat Memoir

Boston, MA, April 01, 2010 --(PR.com)-- On March 30, 2010 Fox News aired a live interview with Laura Pillarella, author of the cosmetic-surgery-addict memoir titled Chasing Beauty.

In the interview, "Plastic Surgery Addict Opens Up," Fox News broadcasts the cosmetic/plastic surgery victim as she warns women not to cosmetically "manipulate anything external to heal the internal," or to seek cosmetic surgery for emotional or psychological reasons.

Chasing Beauty is the story of how and why an ordinary young woman surgically rearranged her entire face before age thirty-six.

Author Jamieson Dale developed into a lonely girl with a voluptuous figure but a plain face. Attention to image both inside and outside of home suggested to Jamieson that her attractive body made of her an object.

Through cosmetic surgery, Jamieson wanted a beautiful face to make herself into a person: one worthy of love, and of survival.

Jamieson wanted—fifteen different times—to believe in the magic implied in a cosmetic surgical transformation. She failed—fifteen different times—to find it; but in the end found a kind husband and a shaky peace with herself as an aging woman.

www.ChasingBeauty.com offers more information about the compelling surgical story of Laura Pillarella.


Chasing Beauty: My Cosmetic Surgery Takeover
Jamieson Dale