Lubriserv Launches Hi Tech Lubra Product Range

Lubriserv Ltd has become the UK reseller for Lubra products

Gloucester, United Kingdom, April 08, 2010 --( Lubra Spa has selected Lubriserv Ltd as its UK reseller.

Lubra is one of the world's largest and longest established suppliers of specialist technical fluids. Lubra's philosophy is to continually develop new product technology for the metalworking industry. This has led to new chemistries and products which significantly outperform conventional technology especially in the metalforming area where Lubra has niche high performance products that do not contain mineral oils, chlorine or sulphur.

Lubra provides in-depth technical knowledge and is able to formulate new compounds that are continually improved to meet the needs of technically evolving machinery, processes and work materials.

This has led to the development of chemistries and products that are claimed to outperform conventional technology, especially in the metalforming area, where Lubra has niche high-performance products that do not contain mineral oils, chlorine or sulphur.

Lubriserv's Hi tech product portfolio covers:

Metalforming products - Chlorine and sulphur free
Neat Metalcutting fluids - synthetic high performance
Spark Erosion, EDM fluids - ultra high purity synthetic fluids
Fire resistant hydraulic fluids
Cleaners - alternative solvents
Diecasting lubricants
Hot forging compounds - graphite free
Hydraulic and lubricating oils
Quenching oils and polymers
Rust preventives
Vegetable based lubricants
Wire Rope compounds
Concrete release compounds

Lubriserv also is a Distributor for Mobil's complete range of advanced industry lubricants and expertise to keep operations running efficiently.

Mobil manufactures both synthetic and mineral lubricants for use in a range of industry sectors.

Lubriserv's website is now updated with more information covering Lubricants, Equipment, Service and HSE page giving advice on the use of metalworking fluids.

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Lubriserv is an agent for Nederman Equipment which, includes: swarf handling; transportation/conveying; cutting oil and coolant filtration/purification; chip processing and briquetting; oil-mist filtration; and machine and general cleaning.

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