Alfa Laval Appoints Lubriserv LTD as UK Distributor for Its Mobile Centrifuge Separators

Lubriserv Ltd are now the UK Distributor of Alfa Lavals mobile centrifuges - the ALFIE 500 and EMMIE 2 high speed fluid separators for the metalworking industry. - April 15, 2011

Lubriserv Launches RETIOL CO33 High Performance Carbide Grinding Coolant

RETIOL CO 33 is a synthetic water miscible lubrocoolant specifically developed for machining operations on metal carbide components and tools. RETIOL CO 33 is highly resistant against cobalt leaching and said to be particularly effective in high speed carbide grinding operations due to it's low... - September 10, 2010

Lubriserv's New Range of Metalworking Fluid Recycling Equipment Provides Major Savings and Huge Environmental Benefits for Manufacturers

Lubriserv can advise, specify and install the most efficient system tailored to suit one's manufacturing process. Using the correct filtration and separation techniques on metalworking coolants or wash fluids can provide significant benefits to engineering companies. - September 10, 2010

Eurospark Approves New High Performance, High Purity Synthetic Spark Erosion Fluid from Lubriserv

Following successful technical machine trials at Eurospark’s Leicester facility against other market leading brands of EDM fluids, Lubriserv's Corsmot EDM/CH Plus has proved to have significant performance benefits and is now approved and recommended by Eurospark. Richard Wells, Managing... - September 09, 2010

Lubriserv Launches New Equipment Line Up for Coolant Filtration and Cleaning

Lubriserv take an overall view looking at customers' complete manufacturing processes to ensure the optimum equipment solutions are selected to provide customers with the most cost effective methods and a quick return on their investment. - August 13, 2010

Lubriserv's New Equipment Line Up for Swarf Processing

With Lubriserv's experience in metalworking fluids and service they are ideally placed to offer the optimum equipment solutions for the metalworking industry including: fluid filtration and separation, oil mist extraction, swarf handling and processing. Lubriserv take an overall view looking at customers' complete manufacturing processes to ensure equipment solutions provide the most cost effective methods and a quick return on investment. - August 13, 2010

UK Launch of Chlorine Free Cold Heading Lubricants

The range of LUBRA products for cold forming of metals, includes a series of fluids specifically formulated with advanced technologies sensitive to the environmental needs and waste regulations. Almost all products are therefore “Chlorine-free” and “Eco-compatible.” - May 12, 2010

New Coolant Filtration Technology Launched in UK

Lubriserv Ltd launches new range of Coolant filtration equipment - May 12, 2010

New Design Horizontal Swarf Centrifuges Launched

Swarf Centrifuging - In metal cutting operations where cutting fluids are used, the swarf absorbs a large amount of coolant. What is desired is dry chips that are easy to handle and cutting fluids that can be reclaimed and fed back to the cutting operation, either directly or via a filtering stage. Centrifuging, filtering of the cutting fluid and removal of the dry swarf can be handled by a continuously working swarf handling system, where manual labour often can be entirely eliminated. - April 10, 2010

New Chemistry Vanishing Lubricants Developed to Remove the Need for Subsequent Cleaning Processes, Even When Brazing Operations Follow

The Evolution range of vanishing fluids is unrivaled in performance for example in fin forming or drawing (aluminium, copper, brass, stainless steel or titanium) and magnetic sheet pressing it removes the need for cleaning prior to the next operation of brazing or welding as it dissociates without smokes, flames and residue. During the brazing phase it doesn’t form aldehydes. Other benefits include increased die and punch life, seizing up elimination, less down time, clean fin or worked sheets. - April 10, 2010

Lubriserv Ltd Launches New High Performance, High Purity Synthetic EDM Fluid

Corsmot EDM/CH Plus has been specifically developed for the latest EDM Machine’s demanding environment. Faster Machines, shorter cycle times, tighter tolerances, environmental requirements and operator Health and Safety (dry skin/dermatitis) – all these demand a revolutionary EDM fluid - Corsmot EDM/CH Plus - April 09, 2010

New High Performance Mineral Oil Free Coolant Solves Operator Complaints

Lubriserv has solved operator complaints at Midlands Aerospace company by using new technology synthetic oil based coolant on CNC machining operations, using Sintral MCF 565, New technology high performance, synthetic lubro-coolant. - April 09, 2010

Lubriserv Launches Hi Tech Lubra Product Range

Lubriserv Ltd has become the UK reseller for Lubra products - April 08, 2010

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