FindGuru Launches Their New Blogging Capability

FindGuru’s new blog functionality allows engineers, scientists and manufacturers, to interact with their communities.

Rockaway, NJ, November 11, 2006 --( FindGuru, the leading B2B vertical search engine, has released exciting new blog functionality that allows a range of professionals, including engineers, scientists and manufacturers, to interact with their communities.

Since FindGuru’s blog has been introduced, blog postings have already began to appear for topics such as the U.S. economy as it relates to manufacturing, advances in robotics that allow robots closely emulate human movements, a minuscule robotic hand that could advance medical surgery to the next level, and a 10 million dollar contest prize for research in genomics.

With the new blog functionality, users can debate on industry topics, articles, and products as well as introduce new topics, opinions, and perspectives to FindGuru’s audience.

Blog functionality, not only gives user opinions industry wide exposure, but it also helps other users to better select products and companies based on the commentary. If a second user doesn’t necessarily agree with the original blog posting or wants to add to it, the opinion can be added as part of the same blog string, which gives users the ability to dialogue with one another in reference to the same topic.

In order for a user create a blog posting or comment on an already existing article, product, company, or blog entry, they must first register on the site. By registering, bloggers have the option to create an “About Me” profile that tells readers a little bit about the background of the blog author. FindGuru’s blog postings also work with FindGuru’s keyword search functionality. This enables users to search through the blog postings for an exact match on a word like “innovation.” In addition, blog postings can be filtered by an industry like the “electronics” industry, as well as by author, company, or product of the users choosing.

David Leach, Lead Search Engine Marketer at FindGuru, says, “FindGuru is not just a vertical B2B search engine. It is in the process transforming itself into a network of communities in the markets it serves. User loaded content is a key dynamic in online transformation, and FindGuru aims to play its part in this process.”

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