mumms® Hospice Software Expands Into Spanish Community

New Orleans, LA, April 02, 2010 --( Leo Radosta, President and CEO of mumms® Software (the national leader for hospice electronic health records (EHR)), announced the firm’s expansion into the Spanish-speaking community at a conference in San Juan, Puerto Rico, on Friday, March 26, 2010. During the meeting at the Verdanza Hotel in Isla Verde, Radosta presented the inaugural Spanish language version of mumms® Electronic Health Record to more than forty representatives from fifteen hospice organizations in the commonwealth of Puerto Rico. The company will release the complete v20S (Version 20 Spanish) of mumms® Software in May 2010.

The event was organized by New Orleans’ Secure Computing Systems, Inc., the mumms® Software development company, together with Hospicio Toque de Amor based in Manati, Puerto Rico. Over a period of six months, Radosta, Jenny Olivo, RN, MSN, and CEO of Hospicio Toque de Amor, and Javier Cestero, IT of Hospicio Toque de Amor, jointly planned the agenda to introduce Puerto Rico to hospice-specific electronic documentation and plans of care. The mumms® Team worked with experts that have provided translation support to the staff at the United Nations to reveal a glimpse of the future for internet-based CMS complaint electronic healthcare documentation.

“For two decades, mumms® has imparted support to end-of-life care providers all over the United States,” said Radosta. “Our mission was enhanced when Jenny made the decision to upgrade Hospicio Toque de Amor, to an EHR and sent Walter Rivera, MD, its Medical Director, to our mumms® twentieth anniversary conference last year. The meeting in Puerto Rico presented a superb opportunity for us to share our expertise with a broad group of hospice professionals in the area and marks the launch of mumms®’ international expansion.”

At the present time, all hospice organizations in Puerto Rico document patient care manually, using paper charts. The mumms® Electronic Health Record offers clinical forms in Spanish, an interdisciplinary hospice software for care plan development specifically engineered for Puerto Rico, and a complete, web-based, fully encrypted, CMS compliant, hospice-specific EHR. In addition, mumms® clinical application is designed to work both online and offline and includes customizable datasets enabling each hospice to create and use its own set of clinical forms. Importantly for facilities in the Caribbean, mumms® operates through an ASP hosted system that has a proven contingency plan with a series of redundant servers and mirrored data which was battle tested during Hurricane Katrina.

About mumms® Software: mumms® Software is a multi-user medical management system that offers complete clinical and business software to the hospice community. Developed in 1989 by Secure Computing Systems Inc. of New Orleans, mumms® Software is now used to track nearly 15,000 hospice patients daily across the country. mumms® has the most innovative software in this field and was the first to use the ASP (Application Software Provider) model. Our software is highly customizable and can meet the needs of any size hospice program. mumms® Software aids the hospice community in providing quality care to hospice patients during their final stage of life, while helping their families through the bereavement process. For more information about mumms® Software, please contact, or visit our website at

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