Digital Map Products Extends Spatial Development Platform with Dynamic Heat Mapping Capability

Digital Map Products adds new heat mapping capability to SpatialStream(TM) platform.

Irvine, CA, April 03, 2010 --( Digital Map Products (DMP), a leading provider of cloud-based spatial technology solutions, today announced the addition of dynamic heat mapping capability to its SpatialStream™ spatial development platform. Through the heat mapping capability in SpatialStream™, spatial developers can easily integrate this powerful and popular data visualization tool into their applications to more effectively display large data sets.

Heat Mapping an In-Demand Location Technology

As mapping applications become more robust, integrating larger and increasingly complex data sets, more sophisticated display techniques are needed to make such data easy to understand and use. Heat maps, also known as density or gradient maps, are ideally suited to visualizing large point data sets and facilitate the identification of trends and patterns in data.

Interactivity and Ease of Implementation Key Features

The heat mapping capability in SpatialStream™ is distinguished by its ease of implementation, interactive features, and rendering options. First, Digital Map Products has eliminated the data pre-processing step required by many traditional solutions. Generating a heat map is now as simple as changing the display rules for a point data set, letting users switch between heat maps and other thematic displays with ease. Interactive heat mapping features such as filtering, dynamic zooming, and flexible user display allow for data exploration and rich analysis. High speed client-side rendering is supported through DMP’s new Microsoft Silverlight SpatialStream™ components, while server-side heat map generation and display as a WMS layer is supported through SpatialStream™ web services.

"One of our primary goals at Digital Map Products is to make spatial technology more accessible for both developers and consumers," said DMP CEO Jim Skurzynski. "As consumers grow more savvy with location technologies, they’re demanding new and better ways to interact with data on maps. The heat mapping capability now available through SpatialStream™ simplifies the development task of creating heat map displays and makes large data sets more meaningful for end-users." Skurzynski noted the new heat map functionality is indicative of how DMP is continually seeking new ways to mainstream spatial technology.

SpatialStream™ is a cloud-based spatial development platform that makes it far easier to bring a robust and intuitive mapping application to market. By offering access to comprehensive spatial functionality, key geospatial data sets, and the latest in data visualization technology, SpatialStream™ provides a complete solution to meet organizations’ growing needs for usable spatial technology. Now, developers can spatially-enable their application in a fraction of the time it would take with traditional methods.

Digital Map Products has made many components of SpatialStream™ available for trial. To learn more about SpatialStream™ and see how it revolutionizes the creation of spatial applications please visit:

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Digital Map Products is a leading provider of web-enabled spatial solutions that bring the power of spatial technology to mainstream business, government and consumer applications. SpatialStream™, the company’s SaaS spatial platform, enables the rapid development of spatial applications. Its ParcelStream™ web service is powering national real estate websites with millions of hits per hour. LandVision™ and CityGIS™ are embedded GIS solutions for real estate and local government. To learn more, visit

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