Other Auction Ramps Up for a Fruitful 2010

Other Auction, an online auction alternative, is predicting a profitable year for 2010. It has acquired funding to begin its plan to help users of its competitors return higher profits through auction volume.

Cape Coral, FL, April 03, 2010 --(PR.com)-- Other Auction, an alternative auction site has big plans for 2010. It recently acquired funds needed to begin an online and offline ad campaign. The company is hoping to pick up users that are eager to find ways to make more profits, something that as of late is not easy with rising auction fees. After steady research on forums, web searches, and just from friends, the company acknowledges a lot of frustration from serious sellers. Other Auction even has a PayPal type system in the works, thanks to well placed partnerships, especially one with PAYTEK Solutions, a nationally known ACH and Credit Card processor. CTO Justin W. Duncan is expecting the payment system to be online the first quarter of 2011. The company acknowledges that if they create their own payment system, it would make it very much like some of their larger competition. However, they believe that if they can offer a price break on transaction fees, they can carve themselves a niche in a very busy market.

Other Auction was born out of frustration with the high costs of selling items online. Justin W. Duncan and John Rossi, Other Auction's CTO and CEO respectively, went to the whiteboard, planning out their idea. After two years of personal tragedies and funding issues, the pair decided to try anyway, starting with off the shelf software. The site finally launched in March 2009 and while they are receiving hits to the site, they are not picking up enough users. This is when the ad campaign was a no brainer. Using Google Adwords, printed materials, social networking, is coming into play.

The partners have both said that the goal of Other Auction is to not reinvent the wheel, but merely improve on it. Anytime they can help someone make a bit more money from their service, they feel like they have accomplished this task.

Other Auction
Justin W. Duncan