Dynaflow Gas-Liquid Separation Technology Selected for International Space Station Trial

Jessup, MD, April 07, 2010 --(PR.com)-- Dynaflow, Inc.®, a leader in research and development services and products in fluid dynamics, today announced that its DynaSwirl® gas – liquid separator has been selected for trial and experimentation on the International Space Station (ISS).

The selection builds upon the success of the DynaSwirl Separator in a zero gravity demonstration on a modified Boeing 727 undergoing parabolic flight as part of NASA’s FAST program in 2009.

NASA based the selection on the DynaSwirl Separator’s potential for incorporation into NASA Advanced Life Support and Active Thermal Systems, and ability to reach Flight Hardware Availability (FHA) in three to three and a half years. The DynaSwirl Separator will be part of NASA’s Fluid and Combustion Research Facility (FCF) on the ISS which has as one of its goals to conduct groundbreaking fluid physics research with potential for space systems and fluid management, manufacturing processes and human health.

Dynaflow’s DynaSwirl Separator utilizes the concepts of rotational flow vortex and cavitation generation to separate gas and liquids in the absence of gravity. Dynaflow senior research scientist, Dr. Xiongjun Wu said “International Space Station testing will give us the opportunity to refine and optimize the DynaSwirl Separator design and to test it under space and operational conditions”.

Dynaflow President Dr. Georges Chahine said “We are very thankful and appreciative of the opportunity to build on our partnership with NASA and to apply the DynaSwirl technology and our computational fluid dynamics experience to some of the major fluid dynamics challenges of space travel”. Dr. Chahine added that “as our research in our labs has led to the possible application of DynaSwirl to space travel needs, we are hopeful that the ISS experiments will similarly enhance our gas – liquid separation technology for additional applications in various industries on earth”.

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