Blue Devil on a New Playing Field

As basketball season crowns Duke's Blue Devils as champions, new competition dribbles on the sealant court for the Blue Devil Head Gasket Sealant.

Durham, NC, April 07, 2010 --( Basketball season may be over for the reigning champ mascot, Blue Devil. However, the game has just begun for another Blue Devil, better known as a premium sealant offered in major auto part stores across the USA. Another well known sealant competitor recently raised their product price point. Usually sealants battled their shelf space between price, product make-up and consumer ease of use. The competition is fierce but differentiating is key when all products claim to do the exact thing which is stop a leak. Now with a fancy new uniform, interpreted by a chemist, consumers hurdle over understanding complex chemicals.

In a recession, no competitor's strategy has included an increase in a product's price. Metaphorically, at a higher dunking position consumers are confused how to differentiate between the Blue Devil Head Gasket Sealant and it's new price competitor. Consumers that buy into competition's pellet electrolysis and patented formula assume improved means premium. Blue Devil's media relations counters, "These consumers will need to rely on common sense or they might be out-smarted into purchasing patented non-sense."

Consumers have been contacting the Blue Devil Head Gasket Sealant's tech line for answers to their chemical questions for years. "We just want to keep it simple for our customers. Our product has a 90% success rate, we don't need to reinvent the wheel," as stated by Ole Blue, a blogger for U.P.I.

Price is now at an even playing field. The new marketing differentiation is between a track record and an improved mystery.

Universal Products, Inc.
Kerri Papajohn