USC Student Team Up with Los Angeles Red Cross with One Thousand Faces

Los Angeles, CA, April 08, 2010 --( Three University of Southern California students have turned a class project into a chance to make a difference. Teaming up with the Los Angeles Red Cross Heroes Campaign, they have formed the One Thousand Faces Project-- a drive to spread awareness and raise funds for the Los Angeles Red Cross by encouraging people not only to donate but to send their picture for an online mosaic--and put a face on everyone who supports the Red Cross.

The idea came from an entrepreneurship class project at the Lloyd Greif Center for Entrepreneurial Studies at USC. The challenge: To begin a profitable venture in less than two weeks with only $50 in start-up money. "We thought about starting a for profit venture," said senior Daryl Kong, "But then we thought about how, if we used the challenge to start a NPO we could use the money to help someone else."

The project is simple. Collect One Thousand Faces in support of the Red Cross. How? By encouraging everyone who donates to upload a photo of themselves onto the One Thousand Faces dot Org website. "These photos will be used to create a photo mosaic of the Red Cross Heroes campaign logo that the Los Angeles Chapter can use in the future." says senior Jillian Tessman, "More importantly, it give those who donate a visible reminder of what their dollar or two can do. It puts a face of support on the project and tells the world 'Here's what I stand for- making a difference'.

Why the Red Cross? Ninety percent of the money generated by One Thousand Faces will go to the Los Angeles Chapter of the Red Cross. This will help rebuild the resources and reserves that have been severely taxed in the past two years due to a decrease in donations and the severe wild fires in the Los Angeles county area this past year as well as the money that has been contributed from the community to help overseas disaster areas such as Haiti. "The money we are collecting is staying right here with the community" says senior Xochitl Cortez, "decreases in donations and increases in community need have taken a toll on the Los Angeles Red Cross. We need to help build up those resources so the Red Cross can keep helping people in need."

The team has generated over $300 so far and plans to sponsor an In-N-Out fundraiser on campus next week to generate even more donations (and more buzz) about the project. "This is a truly viral campaign," says Tessman, "The more we get people talking about it, the more support we hope to generate."

The other ten percent of the funds will be donated to the Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship, a non-profit educational organization which develops and supports entrepreneurial curriculum in inner city schools. Ten percent of the profit generated by the entire entrepreneurship class will be donated to NFTE.

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