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Wine Reciprocity Law Takes Effect in North Dakota

Casselton, ND, August 01, 2005 --( A new North Dakota law goes into effect today allowing North Dakota wineries, retailers, and wholesalers the opportunity to sell wine directly to consumers in other reciprocal states via the Internet, mail, fax, or phone. Rep. Dan Ruby, R-Minot, one of the key supporters in the North Dakota House of Representatives, stated that this is a win-win bill for business, agriculture and consumers. North Dakota currently has 6 wineries with more being planned. Wine is made from native North Dakota fruit, honey, and grapes.

Greg Kempel, owner of the Maple River Winery in Casselton, is enthused about this legislation because of the opportunity for millions of people across the United States to enjoy native and unique North Dakota fruit wines.

On April 11, 2005, Governor John Hoeven, R-ND signed House Bill 1325 into law which makes North Dakota the 14th state in the union to have reciprocity among states dealing with wine shipping to consumers.
States with reciprocal privileges include:

1) North Dakota
2) Minnesota
3) Wisconsin
4) Iowa
5) Illinois
6) Missouri
7) West Virginia
8) Colorado
9) New Mexico
10) California
11) Oregon
12) Washington
13) Hawaii
14) Idaho

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