Maple River Winery

Maple River Winery

Once upon a time 2 neighbors sat under an apple tree wondering what to do with all of the apples that would soon be ripe. One neighbor looked at the other and said, "Let's make wine".  "Sure", says the other neighbor. "We tried it once with not much luck, but we're willing to try it again".

The first 5 gallons of wine was bottled December 1999.

We chose "Millenium" for our name for the first few months, but after a little research learned that name was taken. Since the Maple River is not far from where the wine is made in Casselton, ND, we incorporated the river into our name. Hence, Maple River Winery was born.

That is not the end of the story however. North Dakota had a law saying we could MAKE wine, but in order to sell it we needed a $500 license. We talked to our Representative about introducing a Bill in the next legislative session and we patterened it after the Minnesota farm winery license. It passed easily in both the House and Senate and the Governor gladly signed it into law.

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