Much Bling Will Be Sold On-Line on Cyber Monday

Elkhart, IN, November 14, 2006 --( Which is easier to find during the Christmas Shopping season, a parking space at the mall, or cyber space at your keyboard? On-line retailers think they know the answer.

Last year, the National Retail Federation noted a spike in business for on-line retailers on the Monday after Thanksgiving and coined the term "Cyber Monday" to describe the increase in on-line sales. According to the NRF, 77% of e-commerce retailers posted an increase in sales and traffic on the Monday after Thanksgiving in 2004 and 2005.

The phrase "Cyber Monday" was created to compare with the phrase "Black Friday," the Friday after Thanksgiving that kicks off the traditional start of  Holiday shopping season for brick-and-mortar retail stores. This is the Friday that starts to put them into the "black" financially.

Theories to explain Cyber Monday go that when shoppers return to their routines after the busy Thanksgiving weekend, they are now in the mind-set of Christmas shopping. Many workers have access to high speed internet connections at their jobs and shop for Christmas gifts from work that Monday.

Consumers at home that day have a chance to look for all the bling they have seen advertised over Thanksgiving weekend in the comfort of their own homes on the Internet. What's more, if a shopper ventured into the mad-house world of a brick-and-mortar store on Thanksgiving weekend, they may now have a stronger taste for the easier world of shopping on-line. It's easier to fight for cyber space at your keyboard than a parking space at the mall. The lines at your keyboard are shorter than the lines at the check-out counter. Thus Cyber Monday was born.

Many on-line retailers will be running specials for Cyber Monday 2006, including

"We will be featuring Motorola Razr Phones for one cent," said Jeff Young, spokesman for, "I can't reveal any of the other specials at this time, but they will be tremendous that day. We will be creating a special page for Cyber Monday November 27th, 2006. This will be our first One Day Sale.

There will be specials in the categories of electronics, jewelry, gourmet food, toys, clothing, beauty products, pet bling, and baby bling. And lot's of other bling categories too," said Young. is a new shopping and gift website from Vista Virtual, LLC that keeps consumers up with the latest "bling." Bling at this website is defined as the hottest selling itmes of conspicuous consumption such as MP3 players, cell phones, body jewelry, and cargo pants.

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