Electronic Cigarette Review Website Adds a Section Specifically for E-Cigarette Cartridge and Cartomizer Reviews

ElectronicCigarettesReviews.net, a leading website for the assessment of electronic cigarettes, recently added a section to the website to review cartridges and cartomizers used in e-cigarettes. Now consumers can not only read reviews and make informed decisions on an overall brand of electronic cigarettes, but can also make an informed decision on buying e-cigarette cartridges and cartomizers.

Fitchburg, WI, April 09, 2010 --(PR.com)-- Users of electronic cigarettes are aware that one of the most integral parts of these devices is the cartridge. Refill cartridges and cartomizers have to be purchased more often than any other replacement part for electronic cigarettes, depending on the frequency of use. The cartridge is the portion of an e-cigarette that actually holds the nicotine and flavoring solution, arguably making it the most important aspect, second only to an atomizer. Some e-cigarette cartridges come with a new atomizer in each cartridge, and these cartridges are referred to as cartomizers.

The e-cigarette review website, ElectronicCigarettesReviews.net, recognizes that consumers deserve to be well informed about the e-cigarette products purchased. The founder of the website, Dustin Erickson, had the following to say about adding the cartridge review section to the website. “Between James, Jane and I, we really want to provide up-to-date and accurate reviews so that visitors to our website can make informed decisions on purchasing e-cigarettes. Not every brand is as good as the next and not every smoker will like the same brand of e-cigs." Dustin went on to say that "we added the cartridge review section because many visitors to our review website had questions on the cartridges offered by various e-cigarette brands. We thought it only made sense to add cartridge reviews to help answer the questions that consumers have on cartridges and cartomizers.”

So, the review team on the site recently added a section specifically for the review of e-cigarette cartridges, with the first cartridge review debuting in February of 2010. This new section stays true to the review team's efforts to educate consumers on several different brands of electronic cigarettes so that consumers can make informed decisions on which brand will meet a smoker's specific needs. Though the website does not sell or advocate any one particular brand of electronic cigarette or cartridge, visitors to the website can read honest and objective reviews.

Each electronic cigarette cartridge has unique attributes that may interest different types of consumers. For instance, while the Blu cartridges are some of the most cost effective offered on the market, the Green Smoke brand have a built in atomizer eliminating the need to buy a separate piece. Also, Smoke Tip, another brand reviewed by the website offers something called an Eazy-Drag System, which means that each puff is effortless and that the puffs are consistent from the first puff to the last puff. These are only a few examples of the detailed and objective reviews on cartridges recently made available on ElectronicCigarettesReviews.net.

There are currently 21 different brands of electronic cigarettes reviewed on this e-cig review website and 9 brands of cartridges reviewed. To investigate further and read some of the recently posted reviews of cartridges, visit ElectronicCigarettesReviews.net/reviews/cartridges.

Dustin Erickson