Marketing White Paper Explores Common B2B Sales and Marketing Pitfalls

Starr Tincup provides B2B firms with sustainable strategy techniques to decrease costs and increase lead generation.

Fort Worth, TX, November 15, 2006 --( Starr Tincup, an integrated marketing firm that serves software and services companies through customer selection, acquisition and retention, today announced the release of a white paper entitled “Slash and Burn Sales & Marketing.” This white paper explores some forms of destructive and wasteful sales and marketing that are used by business-to-business (B2B) companies and explains why these techniques do not result in significant short-term or long-term results. You can download the white paper at

With sales and marketing budgets comprising as much as 20 percent of a company’s overall operational budget, sales and marketing departments must view money, and prospects, as finite resources. “Slashing and burning” these finite resources in an attempt to achieve short-term results is neither effective nor efficient, and the results produced are often disappointing. A study conducted in 2005 by Interactive Marketing and Research of North Carolina found that 38 percent of companies surveyed identified lifetime customers as their biggest value. However, 39 percent reported spending 25 percent or less of their budgets on customer retention, and only 12 percent reported spending 75 percent or more.

“Slash and Burn Sales & Marketing” explains slash and burn sales and marketing and available alternatives and solutions. More specifically, the paper includes:
• Telltale signs of slash and burn sales and marketing
• Examples of slash and burn sales and marketing techniques
• Ways to minimize wasteful spending to decrease costs and increase lead generation
• Solutions that will result in sustainable sales and marketing

The solutions and alternatives to slash and burn techniques offered in the white paper are based on the Active Path™. The Active Path is a proprietary marketing model designed by Starr Tincup to help clients make decisions about sales and marketing investments based on root cause analysis, predictive modeling and ROI projections. The Active Path considers the entire prospect and customer lifecycle and all the possible ways that companies can invest their marketing spend to advance buyers through the prospect and customer lifecycle at the lowest possible cost.

“The traditional advertising agency model is obsolete,” said Bret Starr, principal and co-founder of Starr Tincup. “This is especially true for business-to-business companies. Today’s B2B company demands more than traditional advertising. What’s needed is a new marketing services model that is better aligned with what B2B companies need and want to buy. This model must be focused on technology, process, metrics, ROI and pragmatic forms of marketing like Internet marketing and lead generation.”

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