Intelepix Indigo-I™ Receives Certificate of Networthiness by the US Army Netcom

Glen Cove, NY, April 10, 2010 --( Intelepix, LLC’s, Indigo-i™ 3D advanced geospatial technology, has received a Certificate of Networthiness (CoN) by the US Army NETCOM.

Intelepix, LLC obtained a Certificate of Networthiness (CoN) through the Army. CoN is necessary for an application to run on the Army’s servers. It ensures all automated information systems comply with the Clinger Cohen Act and other laws/regulations and does not impose risks to the Army Enterprise Information Structure.

“Indigo-i™ has undergone considerable examination to obtain this certification and we are pleased to say that the outcome is a significant accomplishment”, said James L. Pittel, CEO of Intelepix, LLC.

About Intelepix:

Intelepix develops and delivers technological solutions in concert with analytical and engineering services which we have built upon unparalleled experience in mathematics, physics, computational geometry and the latest in computer vision expertise. Together with expertise in various tradecrafts Intelepix excels in providing temporal analysis for critical information operations.

Since our inception in 2003, Intelepix has supplied a range of computer vision products, all based on 3D derived from 2D. Indigo-i™ is a leading technology for the extraction, visualization and interrogation of 3D information from 2D.
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About the US Army Networthiness Program:

The US Army Networthiness program is a collaborative effort between the CIO/G6 and NETCOM. Networthiness certification ensures IT purchases utilizing the LandWarNet are in compliance with the Clinger Cohen Act, are sustainable, compatible with GNEC architecture, will not harm the network, and are in compliance with Federal, DoD, and Army mandates, regulations and guidelines.
Networthiness certification applies to all organizations fielding, using, or managing IT assets on the LandWarNet:
- All Applications
- All Government Off the Shelf (GOTS)
- All Web Services
- Collaboration Tools and Services
- Tactical Systems
- New Systems
- Fielded Systems
- Legacy Systems

James L. Pittel
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