Viamente Route Planner - Now You Can do Your Route Planning in Under a Minute – on the Web

Launching today is Viamente Route Planner, the new web application that solves route-planning problems for Small and Medium Businesses.

Milan, Italy, April 12, 2010 --( Launching today is Viamente Route Planner, the new web application that solves route-planning problems for Small and Medium Businesses.

Enterprises and Individuals involved in transport or territory services know all too well how time consuming the efficient allocation of workload and resources can be on a daily basis.

A common sense approach is creating geographic sections for each route and identifying opportunities for improving efficiency, only to be faced with conflicting time slots, incompatible driving and service times, insufficient load capacity or unreliable schedules. When it is time for action, the doubt arises: could there be any better solutions?

Viamente Route Planner makes the route planning process immediate, unambiguous and efficient. All that is needed is to import addresses and constraints. Through a single click, the optimal routes become visible on the maps thanks to Google Maps™ integration.

A flexible tool created to meet the diverse mobility needs, Viamente Route Planner is designed to optimize routes for one or more vehicles in complex scenarios: multiple locations, multiple starting and end points, limited load capacity, time slots, different service times, compatibility issues.

Besides, the robust geocoding process allows for maximum ease of data upload (Excel sheets for example).

Based upon a pay-as-you-go model, Viamente Route Planner requires no installation and no maintenance or updates. It can be tried free at

“Access to GIS planning and optimization tools is what SMEs demand in managing passenger and goods transportation” Antonio Perini, Business Manager of Viamente, remarks. “They require tools enabling them to operate on a par with larger competitors but characterized by ease and immediacy of use, allowing flexible and scalable operations while requiring no onerous investment decisions.”

“As an addition to our Viamente Web Service, the launch of Viamente Route Planner Web App makes for a complete range of Software-as-a-Service offer enabling us to cover the various segments in the market of transport planning and optimization in Europe and North America” says Marco Porcaro, Marketing Manager of Viamente “with the goal of maximizing profits for our clients while making mobility more sustainable.”

Viamente is an innovative private equity company offering technology for route optimization using Web Applications and Web Services. Making the most of growing connectivity, the company invests in mathematics and cloud computing with the goal of supporting green economy in relation to mobility.

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Mauro Canali