Sister Entrepreneurs Create New Fashion Line with a Musical Influence

New York based teen sisters Rocky & Roxy started a Music inspired clothing line for women. Two years later the sisters are launching there Spring 2010 line in a new web store (May 2010) and will debut there garments for the first time at a physical store in New Your City.

Brooklyn, NY, April 11, 2010 --( While some fashion designers credit their inspiration to a certain culture or art, the truth of the matter is that most of the clothing lines widely popular today are taken straight from the the music scene.

MusicaWear Clothing, a new innovative musically inspired clothing label for women, is launching their new Spring 2010 line as well as a fresh new online store at www.musicawear.comthis May, and will enable women to purchase from their unique collection of graphic t-shirts and seasonal dresses. An amazing blend of "rebellion" and "femininity" which is a direct reflection of the true style of MusicaWear Clothing.

The company, and the creative force behind the MusicaWear Clothing brand, are two very talented entrepreneurial sisters and a true inspiration to young women around the world.

"MusicaWear Clothing began from an instant burst of inspiration in the summer of 2008, when I was reading a book on entrepreneurship by Russell Simmons called 'Do You' when my sister, Rhaxel "Roxy" Alfred and business partner, asked me to read the book out loud. Shortly thereafter Roxy shared several sketches of clothing she had just designed and told me the book had inspired her to want to start a clothing line. Being a business major, I thought the idea was a great one simply because it would give me the opportunity to exercise the things I learned in the real world and through my education. So, we talked about some ideas and spent about two weeks creating a business plan for MusicaWear Clothing." says Rocky, MusicaWear Clothing.

Rocky and Roxy came up with the idea to have MusicaWear Clothing be a fashion line that fused the 'rockstar style of Avril Lavigne with the pop culture chic style of Paris Hilton' and the idea was to make MusicaWear a clothing line that was rebellious, but feminine. The clothing label also decided to have a unique selling point by incorporating music inspirations into all their designs with styles from classic to contemporary looks.

MusicaWear wanted to make people feel as though they were able to express themselves through fashion, the way they can through listening to music. They accomplish this by blending microphones, musical notes, instruments, and other elements of music visually into their designs.

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MusicaWear Clothing started out as a graphic t-shirt business selling at local expos and fashion shows around NYC. The colors, designs and overall aesthetic of their graphic tees were inspired by the femininity of a clothing line headed by another pair of designer sisters.

After a year of receiving really good feedback on the graphic t-shirts MusicaWear Clothing decided to move on to the next step in their business plan and began designing dresses, and since November of 2009 the company has been hard at work creating more designs for their Spring 2010 rollout.

MusicaWear dresses range in price from $25-40 all made with quality fabrics. Their graphic tees sell for $20 for men and women. They will also will be introducing accessories such as tote bags for women at $14 each.

Sizes: S-XXL for men and S-XL for women. Additional sizes can be requested at same cost.

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MusicaWear will be relaunching this website, as well as a new external web store, upon the launch of their Spring 2010 Line this May.