Team Fitness America April Personal Trainer of the Month Released

Sheer is very well rounded and knowledgeable and she has received celebrated client reviews while continuing to show accomplishment with helping clients with their fitness goals, making her Team Fitness America April Personal Trainer Of The Month.

Newtown, PA, April 11, 2010 --( Team Fitness America announces their April Personal Trainer Of The Month. From Las Vegas, Lindsey Sheer has demonstrated what it takes to be chosen as a top personal trainer for Team Fitness America from a nationwide pool of personal trainers. Sheer’s dedication to her client’s success and weight loss shows her exemplary fitness training skills and her ability to keep her clients motivated in the toughest of situations. For that Sheer was chosen for the prestigious Team Fitness America Personal Trainer Of The Month award.

Sheer, who is also in-line for personal trainer of the year, continues to be a top-level Las Vegas fitness trainer for Team Fitness America. Since the age of 7, Sheer knew she wanted to be a fitness trainer and would frequently workout with her mother’s dumbbells. Over the years, she has passionately demonstrated dedication to fitness and even flown from Las Vegas to New York City just to cross the finish line at the NYC Marathon with 36,000 other fitness enthusiasts. Certified through American Council on Exercise, Sheer uses her years of dedication, continuing education, and excellent client reviews to assist her clients and thus landed Team Fitness America’s “April Personal Trainer Of The Month”.

Team Fitness America offers clients the opportunity to experience fitness training with one of their stellar personal trainers in over 17 states. Team Fitness America started announcing a top trainer of the month to showcase one individual’s talent and ability to provide not only a satisfying workout with measurable results but also great customer service. Each month they announced top personal trainers from places such as Miami, Los Angeles, Baltimore, New Jersey, and Philadelphia, but this month the city of Las Vegas takes the first place prize from housing the top personal trainer.

Deciding which personal trainer to honor is a very difficult task for the team. The honored personal trainer must have been voted upon by superior client testimonials, an established record of client success and provide continued stellar customer service that is in-line with Team Fitness America’s vision. With over 600 eligible trainers to choose from, the winning personal trainer must go above and beyond the normal levels of expectation of the company.

Sheer is in excellent physical shape and stays in top shape by entering full marathons and smaller races on a yearly basis. She has mastered every requirement of Team Fitness America and can provide nutritional advice, sports workouts, workouts for weight loss, toning and even marathon conditioning training. Sheer has worked with women, men, teens and pre-teens to encourage them to workout, lose weight and be healthy. She combines her passion for fitness to help others achieve their goal and she encourages her clients every step of the way.

Certified through the American Council On Exercise, the oldest personal fitness training certification body, Sheer is very well rounded and knowledgeable. She has received celebrated client reviews and continues to show accomplishment with helping clients with their fitness goals, making her Team Fitness America April Personal Trainer Of The Month.

“I love fitness and helping people get into shape and when you love what you do, it makes a difference so I decided to turn my passion for sport and fitness into a career,” says Sheer.

“Knowing that you can do anything that you set your mind to is a powerful thing, however the most rewarding thing in my life is not all the medals or trophies I have won, but being able to encourage my daughter to live a life of good health and confidence.” Added Sheer.

Some Team Fitness America clients, who are located in the Las Vegas metro, shared their thoughts and opinions about working with Sheer.

“I am so impressed at how well Lindsey worked with my grandson,” said Delphine, a client of Team Fitness America.

“While I was very specific in what I wanted in a trainer, I have been so impressed at how well Lindsey worked with my grandson,” added Delphine.

“She is absolutely fantastic, she motivates me, and I want to actually work out and look forward to her coming to my house and motivating me each week,” said Renee, who is also a client of Team Fitness America.

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