K Spa Launches Holistic New Spa Featuring First “Snow Paradise” in London

K Spa's “Snow Paradise” is part of a £2 million refurbishment and the first of its kind in London. K West Hotel & Spa launched its new holistic spa with much fanfare. Catering to local Day Spa clients, as well as hotel guests, K Spa is poised to become a premier well being destination in Central London.

London, United Kingdom, April 13, 2010 --(PR.com)-- Always at the forefront of beauty trends, K Spa at K West Hotel, London introduces the first “Snow Paradise” to the capital. Developed by the German spa specialists, Klafs, this unique Finnish experience invites guests to freeze their way to good health in a cooling oasis of serenity in the finest natural powder snow. At a tingling -15ºC, The Snow Paradise is reminiscent of a winter-white snow-drift. For full health benefits, guests are advised to experience a hot-cold therapy by alternating between steamy and icy environments. The sudden and extreme change in temperature stimulates the body’s circulation, and is also beneficial for the immune system.

The “Snow Paradise” is part of a £2 million refurbishment. K West Hotel & Spa launched its new holistic spa with much fanfare. Catering to local Day Spa clients, as well as hotel guests, K Spa is poised to become a premier well being destination in Central London.

The brand new K Spa welcomes guests into a new dimension of wellbeing with its individually created pampering journeys. The spa is complete with a Hydrotherapy Pool, a refreshing Snow Paradise, a sanarium, sauna, Thai massage room, sun meadow, dry flotation tank, experience showers, foot baths, an aromatic herbal steam room, as well as seven beautifully designed treatments rooms.

Designed by SMC Designs, K Spa offers a sophisticated environment in which to relax. In the warm-white spa reception, a major feature will be the floating glass reception desk, encased with a brilliant-black granite top. The neutral colour scheme is complemented with natural timber and teak woods. Before guests’ journeys begin, they can relax in the mood-enhancing waiting area featuring contemporary Ligne Roset rocking chairs, ambient lighting, and natural oak flooring.

From freezing to steaming, K Spa’s sanarium combines the physical and psychological benefits of a sauna and steam room. At a relaxing temperature of 58-60ºC, the humidity purifies the skin, whilst the gentle flow of steam eases breathing and transports the body into a state of total relaxation. The gentle heat can improve overall blood circulation, rejuvenate the body, and create a new energy.

The exclusive wet spa area features stunning gold and white mosaics, with built-in wall loungers, designed so that couples can face one another in the opulent surrounding. Each lounger is upholstered in soft suede combining comfort with luxury. The main focal point of the room is the glass paneled Hydrotherapy Pool, which can comfortably seat 8-10 people. Set underneath a ceiling adorned with small star lights, a calming midnight sky enchants the room. Stylish stainless steel recliners surround the Hydrotherapy Pool, while a unique swan-neck water-fountain in white-chalk stone, and elegant foot baths complete the serene luxurious setting.

Another room of tranquility is the “Sun Meadow”, which is reminiscent of a Thai paradise. This idyllic space will offer gentle light therapy to relieve symptoms of S.A.D, and with a large sunken double-bed it will make a great space for an authentic traditional Thai massage. After their treatment, guests will be led to the ultra-cool RelaKs Zone, where they can sip fruit-flavoured water and listen to urban chill-out tunes.

Journeys will become a unique element to K Spa, and following a consultation with a trained K Spa therapist, a personalised journey will be created around guests’ individual requirements. Whether it is to alleviate stress or to enhance an energising experience, each journey at K Spa will offer an escape to tranquility and total wellbeing. During each journey, the guests will follow their holistic paths through the spa’s state-of-the-art facilities.

Day membership will include full use of the Hydrotherapy Pool, Snow Paradise, sanarium, herbal steam room, sauna, experience showers, foot baths, and two fitness studios, and will be priced at £55 per adult, or £65 with lunch, and £25 for guests staying at K West.

Guests will have the opportunity to purchase their favourite beauty products from K Spa’s open-cased retail area which will display a full range of ESPA products, plus luxurious items from the Spanish spa brand Germaine de Capuccini, and organic skincare line, Ytsara.

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