ALRM Announces New Trade Show Automated Follow Up System That Nurtures Leads Into Buyers

Marketing and Sales Departments do not have the time or resources to follow up on leads that are not yet ready to purchase goods or services. Many potential future sales fall through the cracks to competitors. ALRM is introducing an automated lead nurturing system that retains leads until they are ready to buy.

Salt Lake City, UT, April 15, 2010 --( Here’s an all too common scenario: A company just completed a successful marketing campaign at a trade show. Many exhibit attendees came to the booth and left their names and contact info. The marketing department was pleased with the results and the sales team immediately began following up to close on hot prospects which amounted to about 10% of all of the exhibit attendees. After the event, the other 90% of the attendees never received another contact by phone or email. Why? Because neither the marketing or sales staff had the time or energy to follow up to weed out the 50% of “non-qualified” contacts and to nurture the remaining 40% of those leads that would eventually become future hot prospects.

In reality, the failure to stay in constant contact with these potential clients could result in a tremendous loss of sales. It’s only a matter of time when this 40% of would be clients will undoubtedly buy from the competition. If that were to happen, the blame game would most certainly ensue. Marketing chastises sales for being lazy and sales argues that the marketing department produces time wasting “weak leads”. And the real loser in all of this is invariably the company’s CFO for spending so much money only to close a meager 10% while an additional 40% of real potential sales slips through the cracks. How then, does a company bridge the gap between the divergent opinions and time constraints of marketing and sales personnel in order to capitalize on lost sales?

The answer is simple. The key is an intermediary; a lead developer. A professional lead developer like Automated Lead Relationship Management,(ALRM), is a proactive affiliate marketing firm that uses a state of the art automated lead retention software program and takes leads that are generally neglected and carefully, patiently, methodically and automatically nurtures them until they are ready to become buying clients. Much like a baseball coach in a developmental league, a lead developer spends time developing leads; building a relationship of trust until the lead is nurtured into a dependable buying client.

Most marketing and sales departments are tapped out and focused on their respective duties. They really don’t have time to spend months upon months communicating with leads that aren’t yet ready to buy. But ALRM says they do have the time. When the client is ready to sound the purchase alarm, ALRM stands ready to turn the sale over to a sales staff or to directly close the sale. How does ALRM do it? The entire lead nurturing process is completely automated. Thousands of leads are simultaneously at various stages of a long term “multi-touch” campaign with an individually created marketing plan. A sales staff would need a huge, highly paid crew to do what ALRM claims they can do with the simple click of a computer key.

ALRM offers to implement a completely automated marketing and sales follow up system to double or triple a company's sales by nurturing their potentially greatest asset; leads that have fallen through the cracks. This lead nurturing system is not to be confused with some mass email marketing blast. Each trade show or other developed lead will receive a personal marketing campaign based on their individual needs and proximity to a purchase of goods and services.

ALRM is not only innovative. They also understand today's business challenges and the need for economy. ALRM offers this service with no upfront cost or without the need to hire additional marketing and sales reps. ALRM claims that one of their marketing consultants with an automated marketing campaign in place can do what 3 or more sales reps cannot; all for the price of a normal sales commission. And only when a sale is actually made. ALRM president Dave Salcido refers to this form of proactive affiliate marketing as 100% guaranteed marketing and sales. This newly developed system of lead nurturing can be found at

Dave Salcido