PsychTests Releases Results of a New Study: Astrology and Psychology - A Match Made in the Heavens?

Montreal, Canada, April 15, 2010 --( After launching "What is your astrology personality?"
( in December 2009, a personality profile based on the zodiac, PsychTests attempted to uncover whether there are any links between people's psychological make-up and their astrological persona.

To say that our personality is written out in the stars or defined by the alignment of the planets in connection with the sun and moon may sound like a whole lot of cosmic hooey, but there might be more to astrology than we think. Behind the mathematical calculations and the vague wording of our horoscopes lies a measurable set of personality traits that distinguish and define each of the astrological signs.

PsychTests did their homework, taking as much care building their astrology test as they would their more "serious" psychological assessments, and after collecting data from over 3000 test-takers, ran a rigorous statistical analysis. The results were interesting, but a partnership between these two sciences may not be fated in the stars.

One the one hand, several of the notorious traits that define many of the zodiacs and that were assessed in PsychTests' astrology personality test did match up. Cancers and Pisces scored the highest on empathy, Leos on ambition, and Scorpios along with Capricorns were the signs that trusted people the least. Flighty Geminis were actually quite capricious but also the most open-minded and creative, while the unstoppable and determined Taurus' were as steadfast as they claim to be. Overall however, the astrology personality test's hit rate (how often people received their actual sign) was 9% - 8% being considered the probability of correct hits resulting from chance.

"We didn't have many expectations about the outcome of the test" says Dr. Ilona Jerabek, the president of PsychTests. "At most, our hope was that people would be entertained and uncover a little more about themselves. It was fun to see that many of the signs lived up to their reputation, but I don't think we can say for sure that there's a link between astrology and psychology. Almost 50% of people who took the test seem to think that their zodiac fits their personality - so it basically comes down to personal belief."

PsychTests' free astrological assessment was an immediate smash with site visitors when released three months ago, and is available along with a constellation of other personality, career, and intelligence tests on their popular websites and

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