Young Dementia Sufferer Writes About Living "Through the Eyes of the Fog"

“Through the Eyes of the Fog” is a snapshot essay of living with Alzheimer’s Disease/Frontal Lobe Dementia by one who knows

Port St. Lucie, FL, April 16, 2010 --( Tracy Mobley, diagnosed 7 years ago, at age 38, with Early Onset Alzheimer’s Disease/Frontal Lobe Dementia continues her guest blogging series on with the April blog’s brutally honest assessment of how it feels to live with dementia.

Caregivers experience anger, frustration, impatience, and heartache when trying to care for loved ones with Dementia. Tracy Mobley is able to present the other side of the story – the hurt, anger and frustration from the point of view of the person with dementia. Tracy is the author of Young Hope, The Broken Road, and founder of Camp Building Bridges, a respite camp for young teens whose parents have Alzheimer’s Disease.

The Alzheimer Spouse Website, the #1 site on the Internet of support and information for spouses of Alzheimer patients, is honored to present Tracy Mobley’s April guest blog – “Through the Eyes of the Fog.” Log onto to read of Tracy’s struggle through the fog of dementia.

Joan Gershman, creator of the Alzheimer Spouse Website, presents Tracy’s monthly blogs with the hope that a view from the perspective of the person with dementia will help caregivers understand the actions, emotions, and struggles of the spouses for whom they care.

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