New Website by What’s My Income Launches Today

What’s My Income introduces new website today.

Scottsdale, AZ, April 16, 2010 --( What's My Income is a privately held company dealing in money management services. Today was the launch of their new website, The site is a reaction by the company to customer suggestions.

The website seeks to become the leading internet resource for income-related information, such as news, videos, and articles focusing on the income of various professions, jobs and some select people such as movie stars, or CEOs in the financial industry. These come from industry standards, and recent reports.

The popularity of is based on the guarantee to serve the client with financial information on the public and private sectors. This website has opened up What's My Income to do this better than ever before, as it will allow anyone who is interested in financial information about a specific industry, access to the numerous resources provided on the website. It is being updated daily with new information and specific income related information.

"This is a great day for all of us here at What's My Income," said the President of the company. "When a website like this goes up, it is a unique opportunity for a company to inform its customers of the services available to them, as well as providing them with information that can help them in their lives, and in making the hard decisions such as choosing a new career. We have chosen to make this site centered on the customer and the information they are most interested in. It is nice to increase our exposure as well and I am sure that with the launch of the new site our services can only get better from here."

Income information on various professions is rarely found in a searchable database, but can now be easily accessible through the site, which can both be searched and also provides information on the range of income and why that happens in each industry. This can differ from a profession such as being a lawyer, to another profession such as being a mechanic.

What's My Income is a decisive resource on the fundamentals of financial information that affects everyday people. Income reports can change a person's life. For more information on this go to

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