New from IndustrialCOOP, All Kinds of Material Handling Systems and Equipment

The Web's original co-op industrial search engine introduces its latest offerings for new and used material handling equipment.

Garland, TX, April 16, 2010 --(, the search engine for the manufacturing community and division of announced this morning to Texas media sources the debut of its all new interactive industrial supply trading platform for companies looking to buy and sell various new and used material handling systems at The company indicated in a press release the new e-marketplace was created in partnership with IndustrialSAVER and is designed to promote a wide array of products and service for handling various materials.

In related news, IndustrialCOOP plans to introduce in a few days its new magnet and magnetic equipment guide used in material handling, electronic and other applications. Andy Miller, spokesman for the company said the commercial magnet-focused guide includes a broad selection of industrial magnets, electromagnets, alnico, bonded, sheet, strip and lifting magnets as well as various types of ceramic, ferrite, rare earth, permanent and other magnet products at Miller said companies are able to use the guide to explore domestic and international manufacturers offering such products.

“From forklifts, carts, dollies and conveyors to all kinds of hoppers, sorting machines, cranes, lifting magnets, rack systems, casters, cherry pickers and allied equipment, IndustrialCOOP offers companies more material handling buying options and solutions than any other resource on the Web, said Miller. He added, Whether you have a large quantity request or need special made equipment, IndustrialCOOP can help you get the quotes you need from qualified suppliers serving your area.”

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