New Free Online Service from TireHunter Locates "Hard to Find" Tires

Tire Hunter offers a unique free service for tire wholesalers, tire retailers, and the general public. TireHunter will scour the earth looking for the perfect tires for you.

Chalfont, PA, April 16, 2010 --( Are you searching for that ‘hard to find tire?” Do you need one tire out of a set of limited tire brands?, a subsidiary of Network Tire Inc., Chalfont, PA, is pleased to announce a new free service for tire wholesalers, retailers and consumers alike. will locate that “hard to find” tire – whether it’s one tire or a container, and arrange to ship it directly to the customers’ location. takes the place of hundreds of phone calls to find that elusive tire or brand. No brand is too small. With the proliferation of tire brands numbering almost 500, the search for tires has become a tremendous drain on the limited resources of tire wholesalers and retailers. takes advantage of the vast resources of the Internet to find the perfect fit. According to Andy Chalofsky of Network Tire, “We believe that will provide an invaluable service to wholesalers and retailers by taking the search effort off of their shoulders.” Given the proliferation of tire brands from all over the world, it is difficult for most tire wholesalers and retailers to keep up with inventory, particularly if they only need a limited quantity, “ was established to fill a unique niche,” says Chalofsky, “by providing search capability for all brands.” More information can be found at their website

Josh Chalofsky