AOJF2010 – The New African Investment “Health, Finance, Infrastructure, and Technology Sectors”

An efficient and effective way to generate more demand at a better cost per lead.

Silver Spring, MD, April 15, 2010 --(’s second Africa Online Job Fair (AOJF) “Empowering Africa: Health, Finance, Infrastructure, and Technology” will be held on June 2, 2010, through July 1, 2010. Having launched in 2009, with IBM as lead sponsor, AOJF 2009’s success was demonstrated with more than 1,300 active job seekers connecting in real time with over 100 representatives from the 18 exhibiting companies, and following the launch, over 9,500 job seekers from around the world registered to access the job fair online campus.

“This recruitment medium has provided companies like IBM, which is at the forefront of innovation and technology,” as stated by Mrs. Finnis from IBM HR Integrated Services Team, “a great opportunity to support the new ‘virtual’ approach for recruitment in Africa. We were able to network with IT professionals around the globe, many of whom were keen to return and work within the African continent.”

Offering the same benefits as a physical job fair, AOJF 2010 will provide employers and job seekers all-access from any location and any computer. This state-of-the-art, Web-based recruitment tool has multiple floors, allowing companies to showcase their brand, give presentations, share documents, promote their organizations, post job vacancies in Africa, and interact with potential candidates globally. The branding value, according to an IREX representative: “It actually allowed IREX to put its message out there and to inform others of the work we do and why we love working here.”

Recognizing the power of virtual recruitment, even here in the United States, recruitment companies like Wave3, Workforce, Tech 2, and the United States Intelligence Community (IC) are using this method increasingly as a means to reduce cost per hire. Although Africa still remains last among world regions in estimated Internet penetration, Internet World Stats currently estimates more than 51 million users in Africa, and this number will continue to grow as investment increases and demand for more skilled manpower is required.

Recruiting the best-fit candidate is the New Investment. For a sneak peek, please visit to experience the AOJF 2010.


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