Skin Care Science – Part 1: How Hyaluronic Acid Helps Skincare

Skincare News Magazine educates readers about hyaluroinc acid and the part it plays in your skin care routine.

Sacramento, CA, November 15, 2006 --( Skin care science doesn’t have to be boring, especially when it involves your body and your skincare.’s latest article, “Freshen Up Your Skin Care With a Drink of Water for Your Face!” shows readers how important it is to know what’s going on inside of your body as well as the outside.

It been said over and over again by everyone from skincare experts to your parents: drinking water is the best way to hydrate your body. But what about your skin? The article goes on to explain: 

Aside from drinking water, many people are stumped when it comes to how to hydrate their skin. This step in skin care isn't very difficult at all if you know how the skin works. There are numerous skincare products available that promise to infuse your skin with the most moisture and nourishment, but before you think you've found your skincare answer, look carefully at the ingredients contained in those particular skin care products. Avoid ingredients that are simply fillers or that are filled with unnecessary fragrances. If you want to find the right skin care item for your thirsty skin, make sure it contains hyaluronic acid. 

If you have no clue as to hyaluronic acid is, the article give you a definition:

The American Heritage Dictionary defines the hyaluronic acid as: "A gel-like aminoglycan that is found in the tissue space, the synovial fluid of joints, and the vitreous humor of the eyes and acts as a binding, lubricating, and protective agent."

Still not convinced what this fancy skincare term means for your skin care? The article lays it out: 

When hyaluronic acid is placed in a product and applied to the skin it will work to revitalize the skin and infuse superb hydration and resiliency. Pharmaceutical and cosemeceutical company Benev clearly feels the same way: "One of the most important biological functions of hyaluronic acid is its capacity to hold more water than any other natural substance. Thus, hyaluronic acid performs as an unbeatable moisturizer, while protecting, hydrating and regenerating your skin." 

According to skin care expert Danielle Robinson, knowing about your body and your skin will always help consumers make the best decisions when it comes to buying the right skin care products. “I can never stress enough how important it is that you know what ingredients you’re putting in your body and on your skin. The more you know about these products, the better results you’ll get out of what you’re buying.” covers all skincare and beauty topics from head to toe. Check out these latest articles that also mention ethnicity and skincare:

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