Wale Environmental Introduces New Preventive Maintenance Products: SPILL-MEDIC™ Absorbent Bio-Remedial Powder and SPILL-MEDIC™ Liquid

Hellertown, PA, April 17, 2010 --(PR.com)-- Wale Environmental recently introduced two new maintenance products: Spill-Medic™ Absorbent Bio-Remedial Powder and Spill-Medic™ Liquid. The Spill-Medic™ products are affordable and easy to apply because there is no mixing required. The formulas eliminate surface contamination from drips, spills, and other low impact releases. This easily applied liquid formula seeks out fuel oil, diesel, gasoline, motor oil, ethyl benzene, phenols, etc…, and digests them quickly and efficiently.

Spill-Medic™ Absorbent Bio-Remedial Powder absorbs and dries spills on hard surfaces up to 100 times faster than competitor absorbents. The product dries within a few minutes, and can be immediately swept up to remove residue. Spill-Medic™ Absorbent Bio-Remedial Powder can also be spread on soil, sand, and gravel and left to remediate the contaminated surface. Even rainwater and melting snow will activate its bio-remediating properties.

Spill-Medic™ Liquid can be applied using any pump-up type of garden sprayer. This formula also requires no mixing and can be applied by simply wetting the surface thoroughly.

Both products feature bio-remediating properties to digest hydrocarbon contamination, and each safely converts contaminants to CO2 and H2O. Additionally, the formulas are safe, non-toxic, odorless, and they also contain no chemicals or volatile organic compounds (VOCs) which mean the products are even safe to use around pets and wildlife.

Wale Environmental is a distributor of specialized ecological products for oil spill response and personal safety needs. Products range from absorbents, safety gloves, oil spill containment equipment, etc. It is a family owned business that prides itself on providing prompt and courteous service.

Wale Environmental
Glenn Malone