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The Key Ingredients for the Right Company Logo According to Design Experts

Los Angeles, CA, August 04, 2005 --(PR.com)-- When choosing an image, you can use a literal image that is related to your business or a more abstract image that represents your company’s philosophy, according to logo design experts Pavel Rokhamanko and Natalia Stoenko.

Companies considering a logo design need to reflect on the shape, color and style of the logo design to make a strong impression and to reflect the overall company message, say Rokhamanko and Stoenko, founding partners of LogoBee.com. See www.logobee.com.

“Keep in mind that you want your logo design to last a number of years,” says Rokhmanko, who with partner Stoenko have over 20 years of experience in Europe and North America. “It’s better to go with a classic, timeless image.”

Rokhmanko and Stoenko make these additional points:

• Reproduction costs: The more detail and colors used, the more difficult and expensive to reproduce
• Size: The perfect logo design will look great on a sign board as well as on a business card or a pen.
• Use pantone colors. These are the universal colors which are used by professional print shops
• Check your competition. What designs, graphics, and colors do they use? Remember that you need to be able to compete with them and offer a company image that is just as impressive
• Trademark your logo. If your logo is trademarked, this prevents competitors and third parties from using it without your permission
• Research different companies and designers and compare packages in order to select a logo design company that is well-suited to your needs.

Important elements to be considered:

• Be distinctive and unique in style, shape, or color
• Leave a strong and memorable impression; easily recognizable image or shape from a distance
• Be stylistically up-to-date and timeless; classic enough to last at least 5-10 years before needing a re-design
• Clearly convey the message you are trying to express about your company

“A logo is essentially at the heart of corporate identity. It is the face of an organization,” says Rokhmanko. “The right logo design can be one of your strongest marketing tools.” 

Renée Biancolin is the Marketing Director and Public Relations Manager of Logobee Inc., a logo design firm that designs high quality logos and corporate identity design for businesses worldwide. Logobee offers complete customer satisfaction and a variety of packages that include business card, brochure, and stationary design. To view our logo design samples and gallery, please visit our website at http://www.logobee.com or call us toll-free at 1-888-905-6462.

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