Angels Demystified: a New Take on Spirituality... from CDM Publications

The new eBook “Angels Don’t Need Wings” by Mary Ellen Flora offers 65 pages of unique information on the true nature and function of angels in contemporary life.

Everett, WA, April 19, 2010 --( Prepare to have your views on angels challenged and expanded. The new eBook Angels Don’t Need Wings teaches a new perspective of angels that demystifies beliefs that keep us from knowing our potential and achieving our purpose in life.

“Humans need to stop trying to make gods out of angels and start talking to them,” declares author Mary Ellen Flora, whose book is as comforting as it is controversial. Flora believes that now more than ever is the time to awaken spiritually. “Everyone is spirit, both humans and angels.

“Angels are like our partners, our friends who have committed their energy and attention to helping the souls on planet Earth. Angels help us save our bodies as well as give us comfort and information in life transitions such as birth, death, marriage, and so forth. Angels help us in every aspect of our lives from conception to death and beyond. They guide, teach and help us in every way. Most importantly angels are here to remind us that we are spirit also and can do many of the wonderful things they can do.”

Flora dispels myths about angels, and teaches us how best to contact these spiritual beings, who await our request for help. Whether you are the most intrepid of skeptics, or well aware of angels, this profound book is bound to fascinate and educate you.

This eBook is the latest in a series of books and CDs on spirituality by Mary Ellen Flora. Mandrake Press, London, England, calls this “A highly recommended series of books and [CDs].” Mind Mint Distributors in Queensland, Australia states that “The information is taught with amusement and enthusiasm and is presented for both the novice and the adept.” Mary Ellen has been writing and teaching about spirituality for over 35 years and founded the CDM Spiritual Teaching Center in Everett, Washington.

Angels Don’t Need Wings answers questions, shares true stories, opens possibilities, and makes a compelling case for requesting and accepting spiritual help as we evolve in these rapidly changing times. Available for download at

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