ArtFire Items Now Searchable on adds Products to’s Discovery Search Engine

Tucson, AZ, April 18, 2010 --(, the premiere artisan marketplace, has added their item feed to, allowing all active ArtFire products to be searchable via the discovery search engine. With more than 17 million visitors monthly, is a great for shoppers seeking lifestyle products.

All ArtFire products will be fed to, giving every member (Basic or Pro) the opportunity to have their items shown to new shoppers. Combined with Google Base and ArtFire’s product SEO, this provides artists with another opportunity to draw fresh traffic to their products.

“Summertime can be slow for artisan sales, and we want to provide our members with additional visibility t for the third quarter,” said John Jacobs, CEO of “This product feed will also allow ArtFire items to be seen by a whole new body of shoppers who may not be familiar with artisan products.”

More about is the most innovative artisan marketplace on the web. ArtFire was the first artisan venue to provide a site wide feature allowing members’ products to be fed to Google Base, while artisans on other venues had to manually create their own feed. ArtFire is currently the only artisan venue to provide a feed of its products to ArtFire also helps members optimize their listing for search engine traffic to help them get in front of shoppers. Such effects by ArtFire have been very successful for member, and artisan sales have already surpassed $2 million within the first two years’ of ArtFire’s creation.

For more information, please contact:
Tony Ford, COO
ArtFire, LLC

Tony Ford