BroadRamp Relaunches with New Executive Team

HD video technology superstar BroadRamp of San Antonio is re-launching operations under new ownership and management.

San Antonio, TX, April 20, 2010 --( BroadRamp Inc., a former San Antonio Technology Accelerator Initiative Technology Superstar, is re-launching itself this month with a new management, products and services, its new chief executive said today.

Sean Darwish, the company’s founder and former chief technology officer, was awarded all BroadRamp’s assets including intellectual properties, patents, trademarks, copyrights, design and programs from the San Antonio federal bankruptcy court last August.

Named recently as the new chief executive officer of BroadRamp, Darwish said his company will change its strategic marketing and sales focus in the months ahead. He said his company will focus on providing its cutting edge technology advantage to enable clients to cost-effectively migrate their existing content to the Internet.

“We understand the need for fixed-cost video delivery solutions, and since August, we have been focusing on five core areas -- content storage, archiving and manageability, video encoding and conversion, video streaming and delivery worldwide via their top-tier global Content Delivery Network (CDN),” Darwish said.

“My discussions with both old and new clients validate that the market is still ripe for our services,” he added. “Our innovative technology and relationship with our new partners allowed us to develop this service and mitigate the most cost-prohibitive elements of video delivery via the Internet.”

Darwish also said his firm has begun forming strategic partnerships with Texas businesses. “In the next few months, we will be announcing some more major partnerships,” he said.

BroadRamp has already formed one alliance with Boss Creative, a top-tier web design company and an Addie award winning company. “We have found that working with them provides synergies that are only going to benefit each of us collectively and accelerate all development projects. Their design and creative capabilities allow us to reengage our former clients with a much stronger value proposition,” Darwish said.

Darwish said his firm has also inked deals with NsideTV and Hardliner Digital Television (HDTV). NsideTV has a partnership with Time-Warner Cable TV where they are broadcasting HD video produced by BroadRamp. HDTV is a premiere HD video production house with award-wining professionals and state-of-the-art equipment and cameras.

“We are working closely with BroadRamp’s management team to attract new clients who are no longer content with current video delivery systems, especially with Hi-Def video. By Combining BroadRamp's unique offerings and HDTV's commitment to excellence, we are now able to continue serving clients such as ABC, NBC, CBS, HBO, Today Show, Dateline, America's Most Wanted, Oprah, TLC, Discovery, History Channel and many others." said Israel Cardoza, chief executive officer of Hardline Digital Television.

About BroadRamp: BroadRamp Inc. ( is a technology company specializing in the storage, archiving, transcoding, streaming and delivery of hi-def, online video content. BroadRamp provides clients with a cutting-edge technology platform that insures a competitive advantage, reduces costs, improves security, generates revenue opportunities and creates an improved viewer experience.

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